Steem-engine: The game changer?

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Have you ever found yourselves in a position where you are trying to on board a family member or a friend on Steem and as soon as they start making questions about how things work there and what is this and what is that, you kinda feel trapped because you know that the moment you'll start using words such as "block"..."witness"..."posting key"..."rewards pool"...things get even more complicated?

This often leads to them loosing their interest because they think the whole thing is very complicated for their tastes. They think... So the next time you are about to start a conversation with a friend regarding Steem make sure you use the sentence below. Because that's a lot easier for people to understand and also because more or less this is what a blockchain is.

2019-11-09 15_52_11-The Steem News @ 8 November 2019 _ SteemPeak.png

Credits to @Aggroed

Now due to different time zones I can't really watch the live streams from the Steemfest but I always find some time during the day and watch the recorded version. I don't wanna miss a thing to be honest with you and unless someone is there, the second best option is to watch these videos. You should try it if you still haven't done so...You might learn a thing or two...

That being said, I was really amazed with @Aggroed's presentation regarding Steem-engine but also @splinterlands. The guy is a beast and a really valuable asset for the Steem ecosystem. He is actually a role model for everyone who wants to run a successful business on Steem. Note that he and the team behind @steemmonsters obviously run the most profitable business built on top of Steem blockchain and while I am not an active Splinterlands player I really admire their dedication and commitment to this project.

I urge everyone to watch the video below and in case you have questions on how things work on Steem, I am sure that through his presentation -which starts at 3 hours 04 minutes- all your questions will be answered...

Questions such as:

  • Why anyone should should choose to build something on Steem rather than on ETH or BTC blockchain...

  • What are the benefits...

  • What is the vision...

But there was a moment of magic during his speech.

And that is the future plans regarding Steem-engine. He has great plans, hence his statement was: "We want people to be able to trade anything on steem-engine. And by anything he means, anything Steem related, not just Tribe tokens....

Still not amazed? Ok...How about...

...the fact that he is trying to modify steem engine in a way that it is going to be the gateway for a direct FIAT / Steem pair? If you want to know more about it just watch the video...

With SMT's and Communities on their way, but also with @Aggroed's and @Yabapmatt's amazing efforts, I have a feeling that the future is going to be bright for our beloved currency...

Have a great one peeps.


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He put to bed any notion, which was absurd to begin with, that SMTs were going to destroy Steem Engine. That exchange, with the proper development can be a major force going forward.

NFT, Fiat onboarding and security tokens will all alter the face of what is taking place on there.

It is exciting to see.

I agree with you and SE force Steemit to bring SMT/communities.

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On top of that the way he explained everything made me think that this presentation should be a sort of tutorial for newcomers so to speak.

You are correct. It would make a terrific one, especially for developers.

He answered the why build on Steem and not elsewhere.

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I have watched all 4 videos from the live stream, and I have to agree with you that @Aggroed is the gem of Steem network that we have to keep... But, I would add also that there are other really great ideas and apps built (Or planned for building) on Steem...

After watching the videos, I'm 100% sure that we will meet on the next SteemFest, because I don't plan to miss it!

Ha! I don’t plan to miss it too man. Hopefully I will see you there along with many others!

Thanks for the info, I will definitely watch his presentation.

Thanks for the info,
I will definitely watch
His presentation.

                 - rollandthomas

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It a must do if you ask me

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What? No way. I can see it in all front ends. As a matter of fact I am replying to you via right now

Yes, I think I see it now. I'm seeing others so not sure what was going on. Thanks for the response!

Maybe you just needed to refresh your page...

Anytime my friend!