Help Steem Get Listed on Binance US!

in steem •  7 months ago  (edited)

According to a tweet published by Binance, they are searching for more crypto asset to list on their exchange which just might be the perfect moment for steem to get shilled.

It wouldn't be the first time for us to win such contests, after all we truly are the biggest and most loyal community crypto industry has to offer. Just don't be lazy bitches thinking yours vote/comment won't make any difference, I'm kinda allergic to such claims.

We need to embrace and exploit every single opportunity we have , if aiming to get widely accepted. More exchanges often means more liquidity, and more liquidity means more volume and recognition.

I'm hoping to see STEEM crushing this one out and show others what real crypto OG's look like.

Enjoy the day and keep that fucking ball moving

Tweet ;

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we need to trade more on binance because our insignificant volume is not enticing for them. free transfers are amazing though and I believe steem has the lower withdrawal fee of all coins

It would be awesome to support market makers via SPS - not in malicious ways though,

The lowest withdrawal rate is XLM, STEEM is expensive

I would like to see a link in the post to the vote.

Done, i thought i shared it haha... thanks for the reminder

We could use it on coinbase too

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