I guess I was wrong about Steem price - .16 was a great price to buy some.

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Let’s see how this holds up. But maybe we have turned a corner. Maybe Steem will head back above $1 with the coming August 27 Hardfork.... on our way back to $8 and beyond.

My Dream of buying Steem at 1 penny may never come....

Do I sell Bitcoin to buy Steem ?

Chart: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/steem/

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Press is a lot more positive lately. Hopefully it brings some eyes onto STEEM and pushes the price.

Bitcoin dominance is going down as well.

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Come on steem and maybe you should buy some more.

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Just like what happened with BTC when it hit the low $3,000 range and people were calling for $1,000. It never goes as low as we want it to before we consider it an "all-in" move, and it never goes as high as we expect or are told.

This time around I'm taking profits at the $1 mark, the $5 mark and $10 mark... Highly doubt we can hit $20 on this next run but if we do everyone here is looking at a 100X gain on their entire portfolio.

Well that would be awesome.