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Yesterday I published the 250th edition of Steem News.

Producing the Steem News is time consuming, engrossing and totally interesting.

What makes it really worthwhile is when I get feedback from readers saying they find it useful.

Yesterday I got some great comments from amongst others @impactn, @gadrian, @sgt-dan and particularly @stevenwood.

That inspired me to think about how I could make more use of the Steem News.

One of the reasons I enjoy compiling the News is learning about all the great projects, events and happenings on the Steem blockchain.

There is so much going on.

Much of it is primarily of internal interest. But there are also some really exciting stories that we should be telling the world about.

Those stories could attract more people to join Steem.

Tell the World about Steem Contest - 25 chances to win...

So to celebrate the 250th edition of Steem News, for the next 25 editions I am going to be running a little giveaway contest.

For each edition from number 251 I invite you to chose one news story, project or event that you think might attract people to join Steem, then go out and share that original author's post (not the Steem News post) on as many other social platforms as you can. Ideally with a comment telling people about the post and why they should join Steem.

To enter, post a comment on that day's Steem News that you took the story from, say why you think the story is a good one to promote Steem to the outside world, and post the links to show where you have shared it on social media.

Each day I will chose one or more winners and make them a beneficiary of up to 25% of the next Steem News post rewards.

I will also be giving upvotes and a few extra tips if it is going well.

Note - as this is a totally experimental format of contest for me, and 25 editions is a long time, I reserve the right to modify and tweak this contest and the prizes along the way to make it work as well as possible.

Thank you.

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Eagerly awaiting #251. Nice challenge. Forces people to engage & think.... & put out a aolid "why steem" into socialmedialand.... better strategy than endless "I ❤ steem".

If I understand this, it means I should look for a steem project and promote it in another social platform.

Yesterday, i took to Twitter to promote the latest @steemleo's #leoshop project. Below are evidences:


Tweet link:

Posted via Steemleo

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Just about, but the contest starts with edition #251 that will be coming out shortly.

And then you chose one of the news stories, or events in each new edition.

It is a long journey you have reached 250, and you are a true believer toward this blockchain.

Thank you.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

That will make the Steem News reports more interactive. :)

I hope so!