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Learning is one thing all humans must conscious avail themselves if they must stay relevant in life. As a teacher, I have discovered that even your students if given the opportunity could be instruments through which we can learn and stay relevant in life.

I never believed or thought that I could any day own, let alone invest in cryptocurrency. I am very happy that I joined the Steem blockchain and so far, I can say the rewards are enormous. I can therefore summarize that Steem is where one can learn and earn.

The Screenshot above is my first investment on the Steem-engine platform. Though I am yet to understand the workings of the system, I am confident that it is a step in the right direction having received good testimonies from others.

I have been able to purchase #LEO, #PAL, and #MARLIANS alongside #AFITX, #CCC, Teardrops that were airdropped to my wallet.

More wonderful, is when I claimed as much as 832 SPORTS from my #Actifit posts. Thanks to @Actifit for this development. I immediately staked my #SPORTS tokens and I believe to stake other tokens as they rise.


I am trusting that these tokens I am investing today will grow in the near future and I will be glad to withdraw those earnings to support children with educational deficiencies. I hope to run a FREE HOLIDAY LESSONS begining from the December holiday to ensure I impact knowledge concerning the future generation.

I will a so support my family on Steem - @Steemchurch @Sc-n @Chrsitian-trail @Stach @Mustard who has made my stay on Steem a memorable one. More specially, I will seek for a way to add value to @Sniffnscurry, my biggest curator on this platform.

I pray that these investments yield a positive growth.

I remain your beloved sister in Christ.

I am @prettyglo

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Good thoughts @Prettyglo. We have to be conscious of how we would utilize the blessing of God. I will be glad to take this up as a challenge for parishioners of Steemchurch.

Endeavour to visit the sc-n blog for our latest updates.


When God enriches us, may we invest in the lives of others positively...Ur investments will yield positively dear @prettyglo