My changes to "Reduce Power Down Period to 4 Weeks" Proposal

in steem •  5 months ago  (edited)


If you are not familiar with the proposal to Reduce Power Down Period to 4 Weeks, please read it here:

Yesterday Steemit Inc. ask for a feedback about the proposal.

There are some against and some with, I can't figure out if more against or not but I understand and agree with both sides, so I decide to suggest some changes.
It seems that one of main concern for those who are against the proposal is the hacking problem.

My proposal/change to "Reduce Power Down Period to 4 Weeks" proposal is:

Change Power Down to 5 weeks, end of 1st week it is necessary to confirm (in anyway, I guess changing steem code) the Power Down or it will be disabled, end of 2nd week - 10% of power down value, 3rd - 20%, 4th - 30%, 5th - 40%.

This is not a new proposal and I will not make any proposal, this is just my opinion and change contribution for the original @thecryptodrive's proposal.
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