The good thing is ...

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... we are still here and we won't go away.

Witnesses came together and protected the chain in kind of an aggressive move, but I think it was necessary in order to show the world that no one can buy the Steem blockchain and make changes to the core without talking to the existing team of reliable block producers. They were not here for years just for fun and they won't give up their dream of a decentralized, fast and stable running blockchain that easily.

I guess most of us are not in a position to be able to know, if that move was the best one possible. What I'm sure about is that there must have been good reasons for making such a strong decision. It looks good and bad at the same time, but I think the main point to keep in mind is what the result proves to us:

This chain cannot be manipulated by external forces.

I don't think that Justin had any bad intentions with buying Steemit and that he can bring in exactly those parts that were missing all the time: Important connections and great marketing experiences.

Of course, we all share different opinions, which are based on our different life experiences, but most of us have one thing in common:

We love Steem and we want it to succeed worldwide.

Good times ahead!

SteemWorld update soon ;)

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Ideally Ned should have clarified all this before the deal happened, and its unfortunate, we are just speculating , but there is a cause based on how Justin behaves :) And yes, the fork definitely puts us into some comfort zone.

In Business 101 you learn about the importance of Communication. Steemit got an "F" in that course.

Steemit is a kindergarden. Forget it!

I don't know man, how many people are powering down? We used to be able to track that.

Moin, Moin mein lieber! Ich habe ein Problem, eventuell kannst du mir helfen. Wenn ich über Brave Desktop aufrufe, steht die Eingangsanimation im ersten Frame und das Laden der Anwendung erfolgt nicht. Ist dir das bekannt? Alle anderen Browser funktionieren, Brave nur über mobil.


Danke für den Hinweis! Ich werde mir das im Laufe des Tages mal genauer anschauen.

LG, Chiller

Hi @steemchiller,

entschuldige bitte den hier themenfremden Kommentar von mir!

Eine kurze Frage:
Hast du schon bemerkt, dass die SteemWorld recht viele Daten nicht mehr anzeigt?

Da die Mentions auch nicht funktionieren, frage ich hier lieber noch mal.

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

Hi @double-u! Ich bin gerade mitten in einem Umbau auf dem Datenbank-Server und kann diesen daher aktuell nicht für SteemWorld nutzen. Das Ganze wird voraussichtlich noch bis zum Wochenende dauern.

Wahrscheinlich werde ich demnächst noch einen kurzen Post dazu erstellen. Eigentlich dachte ich, es würde schneller wieder laufen, aber da kam etwas Unerwartetes dazwischen.

LG, Chiller

Danke dir für die Info! Gut, zu wissen.
Ich wünsch' dir gutes Gelingen!
Ja, ein kleiner Post wäre gut für andere User.

Ich wundere mich schon, dass außer mir niemand anderes bei dir nachgefragt hat.

Hoffentlich ist hier diese Anspannung bald vorbei!

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

Very nice to hear from you @steemchiller, if ever so briefly. I agree with your highlighted points, but wonder at the SF 22.2 approach, as to how wise (most people do not respond favorably to "negotiating" with a gun held to their head) that was ...

Anyway, while the vast majority of us just "watch and wait" to find out, I did decide to provide my $0.02 in a comment to the young Mr. Sun, although not deluding myself that he or anyone else would actually read it. In my view and experience in life, no matter what the future holds, Mr. Sun has an opportunity to learn from a costly mistake. For the inevitable next time ...

Looking forward to the SteemWorld update. Even more to a @steemchiller and how he is faring in life update! 😊

Hi @roleerob!

I agree with your highlighted points, but wonder at the SF 22.2 approach, as to how wise (most people do not respond favorably to "negotiating" with a gun held to their head) that was ...

It's hard to tell, how wise the surprising SF really was. I heard something like 'direct communication has not been possible' and this might have been the trigger for the made decision. The top witnesses know best which things went wrong in the past and I guess they could not just ignore all those bad experiences. I think there was also a bit of fear involved.

If Justin understands the reasons for the action (what I think he will), the teams stick together and begin to talk about them personally, it can all work out very well. May be even better than it would have gone without making such a strong point. Over the years they were watching how Steemit was selling large amounts of their stake again and again and finally there was this new 'unknown' owner. Unknown in the sense of 'we don't know how that dude will use Steemit's stake'.

I don't think that Mr. Sun made a costly mistake. He seems to be a nice guy and it looks like the Steemit team will have more to say/decide than it was previously the case, which in my opinion will benefit the whole company. Time will tell, but I'm still optimistic and I see a first light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you @steemchiller, for providing your perspective on this. I value your judgment my friend. I don't mind our views differing. Like I have done many times in the past, in instances like these, I'm prone to say, "I hope to be proven wrong!"

We'll all see soon enough!

Most people do not respond favorably to "negotiating" with a gun held to their head.

That's true and you were right in the point that their action was too aggressive to be able to just ignore it. The question is, if all the mess has been necessary to finally see 'a light at the end of the tunnel'...

Not sure if I will even be able to post this response to you @steemchiller. But ... I would suggest this morning's actions speak for themselves. About how far off I was ...

Trust is an essential aspect of mutually beneficial business relationships. Full stop. Period. Anything action taken to undermine this, on the assumption a mutually beneficial transaction is the objective, causes the overall cost to increase.

We have already experienced that. This morning's actions by TRON and Sun only accentuate the obvious. At least to me ...

The cost to both the young Mr. Sun, along with the rest of us, continues to increase ...

If I may add a comment to what you said?

most people do not respond favorably to "negotiating" with a gun held to their head

Is that not what our position was thanks to Ned and Justin? All our witnesses did was respond with a strong 'No', you talk to us first.

I fully support their action and now am going to use up the balance of my witness votes. After all, it does not matter whether, in this case, they did it for us or to protect themselves, as our interests are aligned, so, will-nilly, they acted in our interest also.

Of course @arthur.grafo ...

"If I may add a comment to what you said?"

... as that is one aspect of the investment of our time "in here" for all of us. The freedom to speak our minds ...

If anyone cares to follow the links I have provided, to read all of what I have said, then it will be clear my concerns are based on trust. I won't elaborate further, as I really have nothing more to add.

I'll just close with "pointing" to what I replied above to SteemChiller.

Hi @steemchiller this is not related to your post, but i write here anyway...
I use steemworld every day, but I can't use it for manual voting. All the time i get the same error. This one


It gives me always this error, the only case that it works is when i choose 100%
It says "illegal value..not an integer" but here i can choose only integer value!! Strange!! Did you know this issue? Thanks!!

Thanks for your report! I will fix it with the coming update ;)

oh thank you very much!! If can help:
I use Brave browser without shield on your website
My os is windows 7
but i don't think it is related to the issue
Steem on!! And I totally agree with your thought on this post, and I hope this misunderstanding between our community, witness, steemit inc and Justine Sun will fix.
We are human not machines. We can talk each other and find the best solution win-win for everyone
Game theory teaches!! Honor to John Forbes Nash!!

Hello @steemchiller, and thanks for giving us such a great tool. Today I'd like to report an anomaly.


This is on mobile and no matter how I turn the screen or what I do, the voting% column stays covered. Can you please fix it?

Thanks for reporting this! Also the amount column was not visible on smaller devices. I uploaded a new version and it should work now. The chart will be displayed much smaller now but at least the table is fully visible.

Thank you so much! Keep up the good work 😊

The chain can’t be manipulated by external forces long as the coin is being sold on the exchanges. If Justin is mad enough and convinces the exchanges to de-list Steem then there’s not much that could be done lol.

I don’t think he will do that but that’s the scenario that I think would do the real damage.

Lots of thoughts for both sides, let’s see how it plays out. I love Steem, I don’t want to be on the Tron chain but I think both can run side by side in harmony and still be successful.

Exactly. A smart investor won't de-list his own coin and risk such a big loss, therefore it's nothing to worry about. He bought at a good price and, as he already stated, he will do his best to increase STEEM's value by reaching out to his connections and listing it on all major exchanges.

Thank you for this great information. You've made my weekend, dear @steemchiller! Have a jolly time!

Loving the update. Keep rocking!!!

Vielen Dank @steemchiller
Ich habe darauf gewartet, dass du dich manifestierst.
Ich denke, Sie sind jemand, der zuverlässig ist, und Ihr Job ist Ihr Empfehlungsschreiben.
Danke für die Unterstützung und die gute Arbeit.

Thank you @steemchiller
I was waiting for you to manifest.
I think you are someone reliable and your job is your letter of recommendation.
Thanks for the support and good work.

Even if the idea was to enforce the previous 'gentlemans agreement' to not spend that PRE MINED SP on voting for itself, the way these witness's acted reeks. Without community approval, they took charge to a theoretical breech of what power they wield as majority vote holders. As usual, it makes them look like power hungry elitists who pretend to do things for community but are really just hanging on to their ego driven positions of influence here.
I think we need a change of guard.
This is obvious centralization by the few.
Just my opinion.

Without community approval, they took charge to a theoretical breech of what power they wield as majority vote holders. As usual, it makes them look like power hungry elitists who pretend to do things for community but are really just hanging on to their ego driven positions of influence here.
I think we need a change of guard.

True. Change of guard in progress...

Hey hey Steem-Chilla, great to see some thoughts put up by you. This is my newest account but I am an almost 3 year STEEM Vet. I love SteemWorld and think it is perhaps the best dashboard going for Steem. I'm in it for the long haul, so anything you need, contact me and I will see if I can help!


"Good times ahead!"

I should hope so. I also think that there is a big chance to do much better. Let's give Justinsunsteem a chance. I think with his experience and reach he can do much better. We will follow it closely and the witnesses we have chosen will be careful. In this sense.


@steemchiller, nice update. 🙌

I hope to see your post about this update advertised on that banner. That way you can test it yourself and measure the click-rate tounderstand how much to ask for it.

Whilst I see it from both sides - including those that have had their grumbles about the action taken... the witnesses did say they would move forward with some sort of preventative measure in the case of a potential "hostile take over" and that is exactly what they did. I dont think they would go around freezing random people's steem... lol!

But yes, the good thing is indeed that we are still here haha!

zero understanding of the east Asian mentality.
I lived in hong kong, and business with the Chinese for quite a while....The witnesses action is beyond offensive, and will indicate to Justin, just how weak the witnesses acted.

The word naive doesn't even come close to their action.

When principles are forgotten in the name of some imagined threat?

Guess I'll never power up here now! lol - Id be one of the first against the wall, sanctioned by the Authoritarian 17 (they used to be called the politburo)

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

I can understand how he would perceive it in many offensive manners and that makes sense too - but I suppose I just feel that there are two sides to everything and whilst a drastic action yes, they acted out of caution not imagination. Understanding needs to be a two way street, not only from one to the other and in all fairness, Justin sent out incredibly mixed messages, and offered absolutely zero clarity from the get go which in turn bred uncertainty which led to where it went.

Anyway - all unfolds with time.

Im just a pawn here too anyway haha!

I'm merely a speck of dust on said pawn piece....

Well, I say lets rather focus on the positives :) and if all else fails... wine! haha :)

Hope you have a good weekend!

I'll send you something positive once my trade has cleared back into steem...

That was very kind of you @lucylin, thank you!

My pleasure.

#newsteemparadigm - share real profit, (from m yown lbors/trading), rather than minuscule reward pools upvotes.
(on my Sp, its the equivalent of around 1400 upvotes! - and no curation deductions,obviously)

SteemWorld update soon ;)

I guess it has come. Or is it just my phone playing with me with the totally different UI of SteemWorld? 😊


Socialism rules!

NB That's not a dirty word in Europe!

Yup - The authoritarian 17 take the decision for the entire platform, without any soft fork discussion, and then fences off the private property of another.
Yours sincerely, the politburo.

.....and that's not even including zero understanding of the east Asian mentality.
I lived in hong kong, and business with the Chinese for quite a while....The witnesses action is beyond offensive, and will indicate to Justin, just how weak the witnesses acted.

The word naive doesn't even come close to their action.

I'm not a lover of corruption and authoritarianism, so cant agree with you.

Definitely we move with the steem and protect and support what we can, we can find it more and better opportunity for us.

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Any change always worries many who cannot understand the important thing is to be well informed so that fears are behind and the project evolves and is stronger than it already is.

Hello again, there's another matter I'd like to bring to your attention. If you look at this, you can see the last column is covering the SBD.



If I'm rotating the screen, I'm getting the same result.

You are right that we must share our thoughts, so that we can reach to that good time.

True that we all love steem. It is indeed a wonderful platform to share opinion, but it is also a platform that connects us together. I hope it reaches to the highest success.

Yep that's the true meaning of decentralization, and STEEM is one of truly decentralized currency at the moment!


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Hi there and,
Thank You For "Steem World"!
Awesome, Awesome AWESOME!!!
A question for You,
How many witnesses can I vote for?
I have no idea how that works at all. Or even if You could direct me to a post would be fine, as I know about 5 witness I would like to vote for, Yourself included -
But have no idea about limitations, etc..
I appreciate it!

check your menu, where you will find it @lesmann



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It really shows how the power of blockchain and decentralized authority. It's interesting to see where this will lead!

In the meantime, BOI is writing about Steem blockchain and Steemit on his blog and we included your website as a great tool.

You're welcome to check it out and oh, BOI, your feedback will be appreciated!

What move are you talking about? Can you give me some links? I think I'm not up to date.

I don't really have time to explain.
Let's just say: 'Funds are safu, more than ever before'... ^^

good ... this is very useful

You are so very right

steem forever! :)

Hallo Steemchiller
Vordergründig ging es doch darum die Investoren zu schützen das hätte man auch einfach sagen können .
Ich hatte so den Eindruck das man dem neuen Eigentümer aggressiv gegenüber tritt.

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This was in good measure till things are properly discussed and arranged, prevention is always better than cure.

Thanks for your input on how you feel, always makes one more confident when coming from people with an excellent technical background.

Witnesses can't protect STEEM better than the biggest holder. He put real money here for a reason. They are protecting their steady income and circle-jerk. From one point they are thieves. Better option form them was to frork-off with STEEM "Classic" if they don't believe on Justin intentions.

Yes, he can initiate and de-list STEEM from the exchanges. There are many options for him.

That's quit difficult. Nobody knows what the future brings.

I don't think that Justin had any bad intentions with buying Steemit

Why would we assume that he shares our opinion on what "bad intentions" are and why would it matter?

Thank you for all positive and proactive measure for safe-guarding Steem blockchain!!

Good luck!

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Awesome! Congratulations!


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Very nice to see a post from you after a long time, that's positive and I hope you're well.

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I also think Justin don't have any bad intentions with buying Steemit but still there is a chance, so its better to protect steem blockchain with soft fork that is reversible its good move by top witnesses, I think its there job to protect steem blockchain


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Yip same centralized move as EOS. Not very healthy unfortunately, despite the so-called best interests of the chain. This is what put me off EOS, that other Larimer dud. Decentralized ways buddy. They broke the code man.