Is Myanmar a Steem hot-spot?

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I have mentioned before that I noticed Myanmar (formerly Burma) ranked high on visitors to some Steem sites. That appears to be even more pronounced now.

An extreme case is @steempeak where it is the top country by far according to Hypestat (using Alexa data). That shows it as the 146th most popular site in the country. They have a population of about 54 million and I assume they are not as connected as most European countries or the USA.


For the main Steemit site they come 4th and it ranks 702nd there.

They are top for @steemmonsters which comes 291st.

Myanmar is not on the list for, @esteemapp or @dtube.

I just find such statistics interesting. The #Myanmar tag does not have spectacular rewards, but is fairly busy. It is obvious that Steem earnings can be more significant in poorer countries, even at the current price, but is there some really active community of users there? Maybe Steem will end up being big in less developed countries before places like the USA and Europe.

Steem on!

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That us quite interesting! I couldn't believe that in my neighboring country steem may be so popular.

Might be worth it for a few of the bigger accounts to spend some time in the Myanmar tag and give some of the worth posts some big upvotes. My VP is really low right now, but I might do that a little next week.

It is the first time I hear about Myanmar.

Steam oral is the top country? I thought it was a site. 🤔

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I wonder if @intrepidsurfer has any intel - he has just been working their on a project.

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