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Around the world Steem users are powering up as part of an initiative called Steem Power Up Day AKA #SPUD instigated by @streetstyle. This is the seventh, so it is #SPUD7. I have powered up several times in the last few months as I acquired crypto through things like Coinbase and then I also bought some for fiat via my Wirex card.

Today's addition takes me over 22k SP. I will keep adding when I can and maybe I will make it to orca some day. With the current price it is tempting to just buy a few hundred Steem now and then, but I really do hope the price goes up as that encourages people to post and generally use the platform.


There are prizes for people powering up as part of SPUD, but my reputation is too high for me to qualify.

Today is also #FollowFriday and so I will make some suggestions of people to check out.

  • @resurgencefilms is an Australian project making a horror movie. It is run by a relative of my friend @hockney.
  • Maybe @dougalporteous could act in that movie, but he is over here in London, so it may not be viable.
  • @sidekickmatt is a comic strip artist posting a couple of different strips on Steem.
  • @bryan-imhoff is another comic artist who is publicising Steem at comic events.
  • @coingecko run a site that supplies lots of cool statistics on cryptocurrencies. They are going to Steemfest.
  • @slobberchops and his friend @goblinknackers are also off to Steemfest. They may have the best user names there.
  • @anyx is a Steem witness who also runs a node that is used by several dapps. I met him at the last Steemfest. Please consider voting for his witness and his proposal. There are lots of proposals trying to get a share of the available funds. You can vote to decide who gets some.

In the doghouse this week (and possibly forever) is @haejin who happily milked Steem for thousands of dollars for ages before the harkfork that encouraged some whales to remove his rewards. It looked like he might turn over a new leaf, but has instead decided to downvote a lot of Steem accounts. For some reason he picked on me. I did send his some small flags ages ago, but maybe it is because I supported people he does not like. Using his two accounts he can take up to $15 off a post. He was wiping out all my posts, but I have had amazing support from the community to restore some of those to visibility and beyond. The side-effect has been a big boost to my reputation and I may actually make more at times than I might have otherwise.


He only seems to support a couple of accounts who are perhaps friends of his and this lets him reap some curation rewards.


He has blocked me on Twitter, but I have left a few comments on his Youtube. He has yet to respond, but I see a few people downvote his videos. I think his subscribers need to know what he is like. He may well downvote this post too, but he will not drive me away from Steem.

I do value the freedom we have on Steem. We cannot stop people using their power to downvote others for their own reasons. It is a valuable tool in dealing with misuse of the system to get rewards whilst adding no value and the recent changes have done a lot to improve on that. Mr H may give up in time and I can wait.

Steem on!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

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Getting under the skin of people with influence is a sign that you're doing things right.

Glad to see the support you've been getting. Decided to participate in powering up today. Feels good.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thanks @mstafford and @steevc for helping to make this #spud an even greater turn out than ever! This initiative is gaining in strength so lets keep it going, #spud8 Have a good and again a big THANKS!

ps.... @mstafford That was a huge #steempower move but no #spud post for the #spud7 prizes? Just a friendly reminder in case you are interested. Again though, thank you for doing your part!!

Thanks for the reminder. I'm not super fussed about prizes. I'll check a couple posts out and resteem though.

Going through these replies, I just now realize you too would have been on that list of large power ups. Thanks for supporting #spud and maybe we'll see you for #spud8 ? Take care and have a great day!

I'll keep a closer eye on it next time. Thanks for the info!

Great to see you powering up too. With more big accounts we get a better distribution of rewards.

keep doing your thang

love yer vibe, maaan...

Oh I will!

I am firmly of the belief that your reputation is never too high to win a prize ;0)

I just saw you powered me up some Steem. That is very generous of you. Thanks so much!

Thought it might help toward all the stuff you haven't been able to power up! Your welcome!

I was able to power up some STEEM too, I am pretty happy about that. I held onto it specifically for this day. :) That is awesome that you are over 22k. I can only imagine what that would be like!

Cool. I've been lucky to do so well, but it's a great time to buy some more. We need more people to do so to spread the votes better.

I am a long way away from being at the point where I can buy STEEM again. I just do what I can earning it the old fashioned way!

Can you see the problem? People downvote @haejin, he takes revenge on X, people upvote X because he has lost rewards because of @haejin, so that is money lost, if the downvotes had not occured probably a few deservable authors could have reaped some rewards. I think people should think about these type of consequences.

If nobody downvotes those who just take then things will get far worse, so we have to take the risk of retaliation. I really do not mind if I do not make anything. Any rewards he removes from me are available to others. Luckily those of his type are a small minority. Do you have any suggestions for alternative strategies?

No they aren't, in order to recover your $15.00 people had to give you an additional $15.00 in votes, these could have been given to some other deserving author and without @haejin's downvote you would have still had your $15.00 so money was lost.But I think it is just a waste of time to try to make people see that.

Ask haejin why he is downvoting me. I do not expect to get my rewards back, but people have voluntarily supported me. I have given a lot of time to Steem and it seems they value that. Part of the reason I want to get more people on board and powering up is that big accounts will have less influence on the rewards.

See I knew you wouldn't understand, if no one downvoted @haejin he wouldn't downvote anyone. But everyone fails to grasp this, so what happens, you downvote haejin at some point, haejin gets mad at you and downvotes you, frankly to me both are childish attitudes, so his downvote is huge, he takes away $15.00 from you, you have a lot of friends, and I am fine with that I personally read some of your material and I find it OK, but these friends of yours upvote you until you do recover the $15.00 haejin stole from you, now these $15.00 could have been given to some other very deserving person who will get zero becaiuse it is no longer available you were given it twice. Is it your fault that your friends think you deserve to have your rewards refunded? Of course not, and you probably deserved those rewards. But and here is the but, if you and others hadn't started this crap about having the right to downvote others we wouldn't be seeing this kind of shit and rewards would be better distributed, yes you heard that right, rewards are now in the hands of a very small group of people who apparently think Steemit is their personal backyard.

But I do understand. If haejin gives himself multiple full votes every day only he benefits. That is what he did for ages. I don't generally self vote, so others benefit from what SP I gain and I vote for dozens of small accounts. So do other dolphins. We all stand to gain if Steem grows and that is why I do this. Selfishness is counter-productive.

Yes, but still you fail to see that giving yourself full votes 10 times a day is the same thing that is happening now with a group of people voting the same group of people every day, so where did we benefit, instead of haejin getting all the votes we now have 20 people getting all the votes, and I will tell you something whatever they say when the trending page was held by bid bots I usually found a few very good articles, go find a good one now.

You won't find many people who give themselves ten votes each day now as they will generally get downvoted. I rarely look at trending, but there was a lot of junk there before. I would say there is too much crypto stuff there, but I see good creative posts get big votes without paying now.

You have to make change happen if you want it. Yes I know that means having a lot of Steem, but we need fresh investors. You can be an orca for a few thousand dollars. You cannot get that much influence on other platforms for so little. I would invest more if I could.

Anyway, despite what anyone else does you can do what you like to help others.

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