Looking forward to communities, back at socks

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Once communities really drop into the Steem ecosystem and get rolling, I am hoping that the transactions on the blockchain will increase enormously once people do not have to be concerned with their single blog. Up until now, those who have wanted to separate content out based on topic have had to create alternative accounts in order to do so, and we saw an explosion of these once the Steem-Engine tribes entered the scene.

I would predict that a majority percentage of churned accounts on Steem were actually alts, including many of the ones that were created during the late 2017/18 highs as people looked to "capitalize" on the opportunity and use alt accounts to extract more value from the blockchain. You know, quality like this from people already earning far too much. The comments on the last post are funny.

Remember that back then there was no EIP in play, which meant that there was no incentive to flag (that is what it was called at the time) as it incurred a direct cost on the ability to upvote that would cost some significant amounts of fiat. Yeah, that account only took 1500 Steem or so, but it was worth a lot more in dollar value and only has 8 SP now, much like its owner who is still one of the most over rewarded content creators on the platform and has been for three years and has taken hundreds of thousands of STEEM off to market, but only holds a few thousand Steem and is still powering down - and cries to whoever will listen about getting downvoted.

You can see this here:

from @penguinpablo's reports

While the hype did bring a lot of new users into the platform, I suspect that what it mostly brought in was a lot of new alts, which can be seen in that massive and rapid spike area just as prices boomed. Just think how long it was taking Steemit Inc to approve accounts, and then how many joined in a flurry - news doesn't travel that fast for onboarding. As prices dropped (but were still around the 3 and 4 dollar mark, people suddenly "stopped joining" even though there were plenty of fiat rewards still to be had. I think the numbers of new accounts of the time are overstated and a lot fewer people have "left Steem" than the numbers indicate.

There is no way to truly know at this stage, though what I think is that people already had enough alts created and were happily abusing all the way down the price slide. However, once the effort was "too much trouble" for what it was worth, they slowly stopped posting and returned to their main accounts alone or drifted away completely.

While this is in the past, what I am hoping is communities and SMTs will help combat some of this kind of churn by allowing for a separation of content on the one account. Of course, it won't stop the abuse, but the EIP will still be in place to restrict it on Steem and the owned communities and SMT will have the responsibility to look after their users the UX, which will include policing and moderation.

I know that for me, I am looking forward to being able to mix up my content creation and add a lot more content transactions to the blockchain, but I am not going to do that until there is that separation from my core blog area. The reason is that once I am able to share content across communities, I am able to provide more tailored content for my audience in the niches that I and they are interested in.

While there are plenty of people interested in crypto and Steem related content, those same people are perhaps not interested in my poetry or fiction. The niche of crypto content is actually relatively small, but it is also naturally where a lot of the larger stakeholders and investors are, so it tends to get rewarded. Luckily for me, it is an area I enjoy adding my perspective toward, even if the group who appreciate the effort is relatively small.

"Small" is not a problem when it comes to communities and once they get into the swing of things, there can be all kinds of communities that form around niche content and perhaps rather than each create a token, some may choose to join forces and have a multi-niche token on separated interfaces to create cross-over demand. Of course, they can configure the token and manage the experience as they choose without stepping on any toes then.

What I do know is that Steem is a very strange place at times, but the behaviors exhibited on the chain are not unique to Steem itself - people are human. This needs to be factored into the experiences of the future and while people think that we should be Facebook already, the complication of having value available is a massive one that drives all kind of negative human trait behaviors, like greed.

Human behavior isn't going anywhere an no matter what happens on Steem, there will always be individuals who will attempt to take as much as they can, even if it is not in the best interest of the long-term success of the platform and themselves.

We all act as humans, 50% of us are below average at it ;D

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After this long a wait I hope communities implementation is mindblowing XD

Yeah, I definitely have high hopes :D

It will be deeshit chat on the blockchain

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I am working on this core content idea myself.

I know that for me, I am looking forward to being able to mix up my content creation and add a lot more content transactions to the blockchain, but I am not going to do that until there is that separation from my core blog area. The reason is that once I am able to share content across communities, I am able to provide more tailored content for my audience in the niches that I and they are interested in.

I see people have created spinoffs of them selves, like @rosa and @rosa.leo
I think it’s a good idea and should be copied.
I wish I had done it in the beginning so my niche alter egos would be established in the Steem-Engine tribes, so I could keep my voting power up in each community and reserve it just for that community.

It looked to complicated in the beginning of Steem-Engine, but now that claiming, staking and transferring can all be done from Steemworld it’s much easier.


I have @babytarazkp that holds all of my SE tokens and votes by following my own vote. it was a rough solution, but seems to work okay.

That would keep your SE voting power use separate from your SP voting power. Do you plan to divide your post topics between them at some point? Or create a separate account for your poetry?

With communities I wouldn't have to, as I could post in the community itself and it wouldn't appear on my main.

The greatest weakness of the platform is that it has a common resource: the reward pool. To prevent some people from abusing it requires constant policing.

It is the case in all aspects of economic life, most of it is hidden away behind government and banking actions though - and they are "self-policing" for the most part.

Not every economic activity or circumstance involves a common pool of resources. And when one exists, there exist laws to prevent abuse. The police, the judicial and the penal systems deal with abuses. There is nothing like that on Steem.

The main difference between Steem and they way the economy is organized is that Steem isn't a hierarchical organization where everyone has well-defined responsibilities and where there is a chain of command. There is no such thing here at all. It's a free for all where whatever order exists does so because it has emerged through spontaneous processes not guided by anyone. It's all about individuals responding to incentives. The Steem user community, if you can call it that, is not an organization of any kind. Governments are all about rules and regulations and banks themselves are corporations governed in a top down hierarchical fashion. They operate in a regulated space.

None of the policing done by the likes of @ocdb or @steemflagrewards has any official status whatsover. No single body, elected or not, set them up to do what they do. Delegators to them can pull their delegations to them at any moment or increase their delegations. Everything is based on voluntary interactions between individuals.

That is not the case in the ordinary economy either, otherwise 2008 wouldn't have happened. Having laws doesn't mean they are abided by, people act on incentive always.

2008 wasn't a tradegy of the commons. Reward pool abuse on Steem is. Code is law and it is the only law on Steem.

This is it. I was getting beat by an individual sharing stock images of socks, and for a good while too! At least, the 211 is no longer in progress. What happens when we finally give up all this nonsense about what's what around here? Will we finally 'social media'? I'm not skeptic, or even pessimistic about that future, but I will say, some of this is like a punch to the gut. Here's a beautiful, fertile land, prime for some growth, and we have people excavating dirt and selling it in dirt shops. Well, two years haven't shaken me yet, and I'm still planting and watering my seeds, Taraz. Your takes are always fresh, even if the people reading them are spoiled.

Lol yeah, the rest of his content is not much better with screen grabs of coinmarketcap :D

There will always be abuse wherever there is something of value to be gained as there are plenty of people who believe that the outcome is life, not the journey. I wouldn't want to spend a life having to justify my behavior to myself to avoid moral conflict.

Reward pool abuse on Steem is textbook case of the tragedy of the commons.

Because there is a common pool Steem will always attract con men until effective policing is established. EIP was a good first step.

Has it crossed anybody's mind that @ocdb and @curangel are centralized solutions, albeit strictly based on voluntarism? Only in combination with the EIP and over a combined five million SP delegated were they able to effect tangible changes to the widespread abuse that went on here.

Both projects are fantastic as you could say they are a primitive form of the community asserting structure and discipline. With their massive downvoting capabilities, they are the town sheriff putting a stop to the ongoing robberies. @ocdb is also the curation project with the furthest reach. Without it, a great many quality content producers would've been left empty-handed. Ditto for @curangel.

I think mass adoption will only happen on Steem when the Wild West has been civilized through force first. I must say to have been a part of an experiment like this has been exhilarating. A test subject an an observer at the same time.

Weill there be a community about communities?

I think a sub-community community


I think there may be a cat related community or two. Lol

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With all the cat lovers on the internet .....

Steem to the moon!!!


I was in my wallet and it said you sent me two steem, I have no idea why you sent it or what I said or did that impressed you enough to send it...and though it says you sent it I did not get it. I earned 1.5 steem from the engagement league and it says he sent it but it also isn't there...so I'll have to stop by his site and let him know. I feel a bit bewildered and awkward as I do not know why but thank you if you meant to send it.

Ah, I forgot to add the comment. You came 10th in the league so I sent a couple Steem Power directly to you. Sometimes I send SBI, sometimes SP.

Good work on your engagement levels :)

I never got it though...lol, it says I did in the memo but it doesn't reflect in the balance above. Thanks really nice of you to do, been blogging for years so it's nice to get something out of the time spent doing so.

It goes straight into the Steem Power section.

I've never seen that happen before, one usually always has to claim the amount before it is deposited. The only thing I see under curation is .003 that somewhere along the line came from you.

When powering up, there is a link for "advanced" options, this allows to power up to an account of one's choosing.

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

I didn't know that. If I or anyone wanted to they could go directly into someone else's account and deposit steem without that person having to redeem it?

what do you mean by redeem? they wouldn't have to power it up at least.

Since I am a fan of Steem Power, I will more likely give a gift of Steem Power than Steem direct. I sponsor 10th position in the Engagement League.

Nice !!!


I spent so long looking forward to communities and so long just learning to love how steemit looks now that I have basically lost interest. I like positing randomly and being rewarded randomly, it means I don’t have to think about how much I’m rewarded. It sure sucked when no one was reading any of my posts though! I suppose there aren’t that many now but that’s my fault for disappearing and quality makes up for the quantity

I am just getting back the energy to read others posts, I don’t know if I’ll have energy to navigate different communities now. Maybe I’ll just have to open my own and hope people dig it!

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It sure sucked when no one was reading any of my posts though!

For a new user, it might help them find a focal point to build a foundation and then spread from. At the moment it seems more a spray and pray approach.

Maybe I’ll just have to open my own and hope people dig it!

Worth a shot! I think there are going to be a few "like mind" communities that pop up like discords.

Ya. I’m sure it’s a good thing! hopefully it’ll make our steem worth something again :-)

It is worth something now!
just not very much :D

That's an interesting point. I'm contemplating an Adelaide token; but it raises the question; would we better off having an 'Australia' token, used by most/all of the Aussie communities?
I guess it depends on usage. I can start the Adelaide token, and the Adelaide crowd will use it; but there's no guarantee the rest of the country will want to use "my" token.
We may end up with competing broader currencies for Australia as a whole, and another niche token for each major city.

What might be better is to start large and filter down as required. I think it would be better to have an Australia token and have advocates for it in each major city. Once there are enough users, the decision to split further could be made and for example, pick up the Adelaide token by burning some of the Australia token. This should limit the dumping effect.

Still not sure I understand the relationship between Communities and SMTs.
Is an SMT tied to a community? Say I have Adelaide tokens, I like your post, and upvote; but it's not in the Adelaide community, do you get Adelaide tokens because I have some staked?

I think it will depend on the configuration of the token as to whether it distributes "off the community".

I think I need to read Sebastian Junger’s Tribe.

I think this is more Lord of the Flies