What I am waiting for on Steem

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Someone mentioned the Appics onboarding process of pretty girls and the competition it will bring to my rewards as if it is an unwelcome intruder into my Steem world. Lols.

It is about time.

While I am happy to earn STEEM and will always be grateful for every STEEM I receive whether it is through reward, curation or interest earnings on my stake, earning currently near worthless tokens is not the end goal, is it. I am waiting for the competition, I am waiting for the professional teams of personality creators, I am waiting for the onboards with millions of followers across SoMe platforms, I am waiting for the point that what I create is near irrelevant for most people other than a narrow set who value what I have to say.

The truth that most contributors need to recognize is that the heady days of earning a lot of Steem from posting is drawing to a close, and if there even 500k active real posters each week, most of the content that is currently produced will be lucky to earn anything at all. Perhaps a self-vote? Is yours worth anything?

You know what else I am waiting for?

Once those people arrive, this changes:


And the higher it goes, the more it attracts, like gravity. However, this doesn't change:


That is all the STEEM that is in the pool and it won't be long until less is printed each day. But with price, this of course changes:


That means that whatever is in that pool is worth more than it is today. Even with only 20 thousand active users a week, 165,000 dollars doesn't go very far at all. However, at 10 dollar STEEM that same pool is worth 8.25 million dollars, and that goes a great deal further. How hard is it to earn 1 STEEM today for an active user? that is a 20 cent payout. That means that every one of those STEEMs earned would have a value of 10 dollars and every STEEM coming out of that pool would too. With a bit of work you can earn 20 cents online, how many can earn 10 dollars? Well potentially on Steem that could be literally 800 thousand odd people.

Of course, that isn't the way it works because some of that Steem goes to witnesses, some to interest, some to SPS, some to voters and some to the contributors. But, that is still likely going to be paying more to daily contributors than any other platform in history.

At 20 dollars?

Each vote of mine distributes about 3 STEEM, so I send out about 30 STEEM a day. On top of this, my baby account is distributing 7ish Steem-Engine tokens of varying values to hundreds of people on a trail. What will those STEEMs be worth for those who have received them? Depends if they hold, right?

I have held.

I love earning STEEM on my writing and while I am sure there are more than a few who will disagree, I think as far as it goes and at least on Steem, I am not too shabby. Over the last 3 years I think that I have pretty well proven that at least in what I produce, I am not much of a flash in the pan or without the Stamina to make it through good and bad and, I definitely live what I write when it comes to my approach to Steem.

Bring on the competition - please, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top.

Because, that is what I have been working toward and I hope the content they bring blows mine out of the water and I hope that the attention they garner makes the Steem microcosm I create for today, the massive and diverse content and economic ecosystem that I think it can become.

I don't care if the content that takes Steem mainstream is @Appics fitness models, deplatformed @threespeak creators, bloggers through @SteemPress, or @dPorn users spreading their ass cheeks for the world - it doesn't matter as long as eventually, mainstream happens which means, there is digital space, niche and reward for them all to vie for across a thousand SMTs and the one chain that connects them all.

For now, what I look forward to is the current people of Steem who have stake and give a fuck, to work toward making the Steem experience one that is smooth, fun, attractive, compelling and holds enough content, excitement and drama to keep people entertained, keep them coming back, keep those Time on Site numbers high and keep them building, growing and learning to own the internet - rather than being the pathetic consumer class that we currently are daily feeding the multinational conglomerates - and thanking them for the ass-fucking they give us in a thousand ways.

But, that isn't a smooth process it seems and that is to be expected because, Steem isn't a place filled with business professionals, it is a place filled with randoms, many of whom first came here to earn a crust because they were struggling financially in IRL. They heard there was a place to earn crypto, they came, many failed, they left.

The difference needs to be that when the next bullrun comes and the masses hear about a place to earn crypto and arrive, there is a place they want to stay because not only do they earn crypto, but there is a place for them to create, a space for them to play and the chance to play a part in the direction of it all as owner, contributor, investor or developer - and a consumer.

It makes me laugh that people think that I am somehow afraid of competition or insecure in my position here. I am not insecure here on Steem because,I own it. I own my little piece of the blockchain, I own enough Resource Credits to interact as much as I please, I own enough Steem to help others take some ownership for themselves too.

I am looking forward to the new arrivals and I openly welcome the competition.

I am waiting.

Til the time I no longer can, I will keep writing and earning and distributing similarly to what I have done for the last three years. You can do as you please, you can join me, you can compete against me, you can bring friends here, you can leave, you can create your best, shitpost your worst, vote, downvote, lurk and curse in the darkness behind your keyboard at those who perform better than you, smile at the content you love and wish to support, you can cheer-lead or you can complain all you want.

Have fun.

You might not own Steem, but at least own your experience.

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This is the goal

one chain (Steem) that connects them all (SMTs).

I am glad I have ownership as well.

"Own the internet" should be one of the slogans used.

Pretty girls on the internet? Its so crazy it might just work.

Who'd have thunk it.

Some pervert with a closet full of sex dolls.

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Except they are not girls they are robots and it's a scam, probably why he didn't link you up to the one who brought it up today. Even if there was any that were legit just how fair would it be that they get to make eight bucks posting a picture when they are running around being punitive to people posting a meme then using a bot to make eight bucks?

Make sure you click on the bottom link that says if there's any doubt left in your mind. Go ahead and upvote if you think upvoting a sex doll is your thing.

Lol, you seriously think they are sexdolls? :D

Yes, maybe you should google articles on sex dolls and see how realistic they really are. You'd be surprised by the number of men who have them and claim they are as close to having a woman as a man can get they just can't argue back with you.

I am not done. I've found some other stuff, like an article someone just sent me that came out the other day about influencers and instagrams fights against the use of bots to distort the number of followers. There's actually businesses spun out of tracking fake follower accounts. Which if I was Steemit I'd hire to have done on APPICS, and some of their followers they are laying claims of having a million people following them that they are onboarding here before they rake Steemit over the coals. I'll be writing another article later as I continue to dig up stuff.

This just isn't the right avenue to trust to go down to onboard. Be realistic here, the curation from these accounts are going into one person's wallet, that be the soldier person, for very little effort...some of these pics she is using are old, I've found proof of that also, if these (whatever) were real why the need to use two year old pictures...they don't have anything current they are posting on Instagram? You have a very serious issue here and you should stop laughing about it. Stop thinking with your head below the belt and start using the one on top.

Lol. No. Yeah, the bots they have on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and the like are paid likes. You can buy followers. Ridiculous that someone can make money from selling likes on Instagram.

However, that is the way those platforms work.

BTW, I don't need to salivate over digital women, but in the world of Internet, many are interested. There is a consumer for everything in this world, no matter how strange you might find it.

I met @soldier and some of the Appics people at Steemfest last year. Good luck to them and I hope that they will move to an SMT at some point.

Um....they have moved on to an SMT, it's now called APX and it's totally worthless. No marketcap, no price....just absolutely worthless. If you don't believe me just take yourself over to steem engine and take a look for yourself. It's on wonder they need an infusion from steem.

I don't care who you've met, I see they've met quite a few people from various platforms, meeting people does not make them forever profitable...just nice people. I could tell you I met the ceo's of Sears, ToysRus or any other brand name corporation years ago but that does not mean success followed them through out the years, that's exactly what'd I tell you, I met them, nice people, to bad they went under.

SMTs aren't released yet.

I didn't say anything about them being nice people, but they weren't sex robots as far as I could tell. They could buy followers (your other comment), it will likely cost them more than they will earn in Steem though.

Your SMT isn't released, or steemits, steems but according to the APPICS facebook website their SMT has already been release.

I didn't put your name out there, I try hard not to play that way, it's sort of hard not to put soldiers name out there as people need to go look at what's happening.

Oh, and I guess it went way over your head that APPICS can buy followers too.

steem has been a blessing although i lost lots of funs to steem but the value and knowlege i got back from steem is immeasurable as its way more than i lost financially so it safe to say there is not lose, aside from being one of the fastest blockchain, it has great use case especially with the issuing of smart contracts.

lets see how the market fairs when smt and steem-engine tokens locks horn, price will sky rocket

That is going to be interesting to see.

You might not own Steem, but at least own your experience.

I fucking own my experience and all the knowledge ive acquired all the way, priceless and as long as it keeps being updated it becomes a journey!(pardon the f word)....

One day, I think what people have learned here will be some of the most valuable lessons for their future. And it has very little to do with money.

This is all part of the journey and in fact some of us are earning more Steem now than before even though it isn't worth much. Throw in the tokens and one post becomes a package deal lol. 40 000 Sports is 50 Steem to go along with the 4 Steem you make on the post and all of a sudden you are rich again.

I didn't realize sports was up so high, I hope that you a converting some across other tokens too as I see you over there :)

At the moment it is purely staking on everything that comes in. I have the same mindset as I had on Steem and hard to change. I think once I do start selling it is going straight to Steem as that is why we are all here. I have a target in my head and I am not there yet.Three months on Sports and I have the same value in Steem which took 18 months to earn.

Yep, it is interesting with the SE tokens, especially with SMTs on the horizon too.

I am lurking, stalking you @tarazkp learning from your comments, posts, and your followers.

Ghosting..... Planning an Epic Comeback..!!

Ahhh fuk it, who am i kiddin, I am sittin on my deck, drinking an adult beverage. Waiting for your bro @galenkp to get jiggy wit it and post some vay-k stuff. & Stalking You.... Lol

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Steem as infrastructure is the point of all this. I don't see Steem as a blogging site, but instead as an investment platform.
Right now this takes the form of sp leasing and token dividends. In the future we can most likely add rc leasing to that list.
I might not have your stake but I'm dancing to your tune.

The infra and tech is the base of everything that is to come, which is why it is so important to get it all sorted out now.

That's why I have most of my tiny stake leased out. I'm not really feeling the blog right now, I just don't have anything to say.
I try to interact with those who do when I have time.

I have no idea about leasing stake out as I would rather curate in these conditions. I think for too long people have felt they have had to post, even if they didn't want to though.

@tipu curate 5

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The dream of $10 STEEM is one of the driving forces for me to continue to write and earn a bit by bit. Also one of the reasons I hold STEEM rather than spending it... $0.15 STEEM is so undervalued.

Spend it on what? A coffee in Finland is around about 40 Steem but perhaps one day, I will be able to vote some rounds of beer for someone :)

Really, waiting for that day.

but perhaps one day, I will be able to vote some rounds of beer for someone :)

Would be a nice day to say, "a round on steem!"

More than 30 months already since I first started and I keep having the same vision of yours.
Bull run will come and then we will be there also, but in a better positions and stake.
Good post.

It will happen when pieces come into alignment and while we are not there yet, it won't take very long once we are and looking back.

I like your attitude and the math...

Fun to see what becomes of it all.

Not sure why everything has to be such a competition, it seems to make people unnecessarily fearul and greedy XD

I like distributing all the tokens

People like to win at something, even the irrelevant.

This is a competition?

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Yes. The first one to mainstream Steem, wins.

@tarazkp, In my opinion we have to wait and see what numbers will going to come up in Future but one thing is for sure and that is, this Accumulation Journey will be remembered for a long time. Stay blessed.

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It is interesting to think what these times might be remembered as looking back in ten or twenty years.

Absolutely, that point will stay in our mind for sure. Have a blessed time ahead.

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