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5 Reasons Steem Will Explode In The Future

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Hi @taskmaster4450, I'm a DTube Chain block producer & STEEM witness. I'm currently working on DTube Rewind 2019, a compilation of all things trending on DTube this year.

I'm requesting if I can use a small section (< 15 seconds) of the following videos for the upcoming Rewind this year:!/v/taskmaster4450/Qmc7ZCkwK6nhXyGNdkpDFrBiUGYHjXskqwb3BbAAPKYQ7x!/v/taskmaster4450/QmekFD9fZWhHkf8DMHJL28M3u8pe7T4D7cae5X6TB7S8qX

If you decide to authorize, you will receive a portion of the 70% of post rewards allocated to original content creators who will be featured. More details about this can be read here.

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Does this work as authorization. Go ahead and use it.

Thank you