...and "HIVE" will be the new name of the community Blockchain token

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By this moment now I am sure mostly everyone still active on the steem blockchain know that there is another blockchain being cooked by quite some developers together with @blocktrades as a consequence of the #STEEMHostileTakeOver done by the TRON-Kid.

If you still don't know about it, make sure you read this post because it seems that the launching is coming very soon.

In the body of that post you can read everything you need to know about but the most important part is that it will be essentially similar to STEEM but excluding the ninja-mined stake of steemit INC aka now as Justin Sun's stake.

The comments in favor of this movement are impressive while there are very few being non-enthusiastic.

The technical details are non disclosed yet but as long as the minutes are passing we can discover some as the following one.


I am glad to finally see some good moves on this social media blockchain and I hope we can re-born with the lessons learnt .

Steem on...or...better said...



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Will take some time till I will become accustomed to write/say HIVE and not STEEM, but if its for the better I'll make some efforts. I hope some essential things to be fixed and to once and for all be a community and a famous one. Indeed a piece of good news during these grey times.

Totally agree with you. We could not continue going this way.
I think hardforking steem is the best way to move forward and I think @blocktrades has the power and the contacts outside to start with a few exchanges which for me it was the main condition for the split.
Hive on mate

Wow. I'm recovering the faith in giant steps.

I'm excited to see how the transition is managed... and how the old steem token performs..

Still nothing clear but let’s cross fingers


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