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Sometimes we win, other times we lose, but over time you realize that there is no bad decision if before deciding on one option or another you have done your homework well and analyzed among the different options that life offers you.


I am in STEEM among other things to earn money, but I am also because I am a lover of the Blockchain technology, because I believe in decentralization and, especially, in its democratic aspect.

If STEEM has come as far as technology has been largely due to us, creators, developers, money and time investors, since its marketing strategy has been virtually nil from its beginning.

I have always believed and proclaimed that the only thing that this good project was missing in order to success is a marketing plan.

But even if someone still believes it, marketing is not the main thing if what is sold is useless.

To date, STEEM is the best use-case Social Blockchain ever built and, even better, we keep refining, adjusting and improving this project.

It is indeed like a living being continuously evolving, improving and making himself stronger.

But, make no mistake, it is not technology or its marketing that makes this blockchain great.

Above all, what makes STEEM strong is us, the real users of this blockchain, the community and our capacity of take decisions.

The moment we stop being able to decide, the moment others do it for us, at that moment, we will simply have died as a Blockchain.

Btw, I decided to stop using steemit...


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Can someone give this guy a $100 upvote? He hasn't quit Steemit Inc and just announced that through a Steem tweet that got to the trending page,but he has some good points in here. Yes, community has made Steem great and community will destroy it, if it will ever happen. It needs though much more than marketing and some common sense rules should be imposed. Probably if he has these for years we wouldn't be at a such difficult cross road now. Sometimes you have to plan the foundation a bit more before actually building it. Once you have that set you're ready to create your dream house. Steem was my virtual close to dream house for about two years, but who knows if it will survive 2020... The Steemit Inc stake was definitely a mistake that could have been corrected for years, if the right people would have cared about that, but the behavior, abuse and fake character of some that milked the Steem cow for too much shouting for community efforts when their stake is threatened to become a pile of trash is something that needs to be fixed as well. Steem needs some more refinement improvements, and yeah tons of marketing. Shaky times ahead and hope my fears won't come true. It started with Sun, but it might get to much more conflicts because during conflictual times you get the true face of people. Happy milking Eddie!
Really one of the best posts that I read lately. Hope some hungry whales will spot it.

Hahhahaha! Glad you like the post but I have been so critic to many whales already, I don't expect anything from any of them but someone as US.
Keep also milking my friend.

They deserve the criticism because all they care about is money. Sometimes smaller accounts care more about the community than they do. I wonder if milking and carrying is possible?! Or am I doing it already 😁😉?!

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