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Initially I started writing out a structured strategic plan to address a variety of well known deficiencies on the Steem blockchain. I quickly found myself down a rabbit hole, that got tighter and darker the deeper I went in. I got frustrated and this quickly crossed over to anger and being a human being: I was looking for someone to blame. At this point, I stood back and walked away from my document. There was absolutely no point in continuing with these emotions swirling around. As much as I was trying to be professional. I realized I was so personally and emotionally invested in Steem. That my words were turning into metaphorical daggers, squarely aimed at Steemit Inc. Bitching is easy from a desk or sofa. Finding solutions and successful implementation is a whole other ball game.   

I knew Steemfest 4 in Bangkok was just around the corner and I wanted to hear from the horse's mouth (Steemit Inc et al.) before I continued any further.  

It has now come and gone. My overall levels of motivation, excitement and confidence are back at lower Earth orbit levels. Hanging around the International Space Station, readying itself to be propelled to the moon. I watched @vandeberg quickly identifying himself as a chain leader. A critical element that Steem and Steemit Inc. as whole desperately needs more of. Then I watched @roadscape present the long awaited communities, with every minute passing you could hear his confidence grow, but please ditch the gum next time.  The insights that @jarvie gave in regards to his youtube survey was so incredibly insightful. So much so, that his findings will underpin this plan. Then I watched in sheer excitement like a child on Christmas eve, @aggroed presenting about Splinterlands and Steem Engine. Within seconds of the latter I was hoovering all remaining affordable EMFOUR tokens. There is nothing like some healthy competition to put the fire to Steemit's feet. It is working delightfully.

There were so many projects presented, too many to discuss here today, but combined shows me what an amazing and passionate ecosystem we have in Steem. My feed lit up with posts about Steemfest and the community has been buzzing about it ever since. If you are interested in learning more,the live streams with timestamps in the comment section can be found here.

After all the presentations had finished, I was curious to gauge it's impact on the internet. I wrote “Steem”, “Steemit” and “Steemfest” into Google. I wanted to see what the world thought about our community around Steemfest and what it has to offer. I was curious to get the take of a non Steemian. Was it positive? What were the negative or constructive critics about us? 


 What I found was nothing. Quite literally nothing. Was the google algorithm messing with me? My friend's search of the same word combinations on his phone returned the same results: RADIO SILENCE.   

 The first thought that came to mind: Pathetic! 

Now I knew what I should focus my attention on: promoting Steem to the wider world. 

Going over the Steemfest streams for a second time. I took note that it was mentioned by Steemit, that marketing/promotion isn't deemed important or a priority at the moment. This even after the few words spoken my Steemit's M.D @elipowell , in which she made a point to tell the Steem community she had set up a team and had everything more or less in place to initiate marketing/promotion. I honestly wish she gave a presentation about it, rather than elude to there was one in place, but it was decided to let Steem go “viral” on it's own. I noted her frustration in this decision as her voice and body language made that quite clear. 

We can argue to the cows come home about the value of marketing and promotion. But if no one knows about the very box that may or may not contain that cat....   

I am very well aware that marketing isn't the end all solution to Steem's deficiencies, but it would certainly help move us into the main stream. We don't have near unlimited financial resources, but we have community driven by the same goal to see our blockchain succeed and thrive. Directed leadership is required to conduct and foster this vast pool of energy. If no one is willing to take this role, then here I @intrepidsurfer present myself and my plan to address this issue. Please note this 'plan' isn't set in stone and is an ongoing working document. On which I ask you to provide input, time and your networks to make this community endeavor succeed. 

 We have no budget, but we are community and we have a huge voice. Let's use it. 

There is no point running around like headless chickens. Casting our promotional net randomly across the internet. I don't think this is efficient, especially in regards to where we stand in crypto adoption as a whole and our total lack of budget.   

I propose we target the very people who are already into crypto and blockchain. Those that we can assume have a minimum understanding of this new technology. Whom that have actual experience with keys, multiple tokens etc. Yes, that would be considered a drop in the ocean, but we must leverage the network effect to it's full potential here and start somewhere.   

I am sure that most of us have a collection of cryptotubers that we follow. Ever notice they rarely, if not never mention Steem and it's inner workings. I feel that same frustration as you do. We must get them posting to our blockchain and then in theory they will spread the good word to their army of followers. Maybe they might even buy some Steem and maybe that might drive up the price. 

 The following, but not limited to, are the cryptotubers (inclusive of their subscriber numbers) to approach and seek adoption: 

Davincij15  (67.2K ), Kevin Svenson (19.2K), Chico Crypto (60K), Mmcrypto (41K), The Crypto Lark (102K), Coindesk (11.3K), Coin Telegraph (54.1K), The Moon (77.4K), Crypto Jebb (27.9K), Data Dash (325K),  Altcoin Daily (138K), Sunny Decree (110k), Forflies (42.9K) etc.    

Yes, there will be considerable overlap in subscribers and you may not agree with all of them, but we need their established network of followers. This to get the word out about New Steem. We need to constantly seed the Steem brand in people's minds.   

Please note we must also do so much more to foster positive relationships with news organizations around the world. Presenting to them consistent and updated press releases of all things Steem related. We already have RT International posting videos to Dtube. They have 3.73 million subscribers on youtube and they are very pro crypto/blockchain. Let's leverage that. Here it is vital we also develop Steem Ambassadors as mentioned by @pennsif .

Angle of approach:   

How do we approach these cryptotubers and bring them to the fold? This is where @jarvie's presentation , worth it's weight in gold, comes into play. We need to address the very concerns that affect them being on Youtube and other platforms. This from the very outset. To tell them clearly about how Steem solves these concerns in the following ways: 

  1. Direct independent connections- The network of followers you build on Steem is yours and uncensurable. You are in charge 100% and no one can take this away.  
  2. Algorithmic freedom- There are a variety of options and even chronological sorting is available.  
  3. Beneficiary systems- Smart contracts provide instant and ultra efficient distribution of economic rewards derived from your content. This especially useful to larger production teams.   
  4. No censorship of other platforms: No shadow banning or sand-boxing if you cross post content to Steem from other main stream social media platforms.    
  5. Multi-interface repository: Like a podcast where lots of Apps can pick it up and your content can freely propagate. But with the added benefit of automated smart contracts to track everything in real time and with minimum effort.   
  6. Tokenized communities: Although not considered a priority for the simple reason that most don't realize this tool is available. Elaborate and they will be blown away.  

 Actions speak louder than words: 

Like previously mentioned, this is a working document, where I request input at every level to enhance our action plan. Community ownership of this plan is vital in order for this to succeed. The following phased actions have been identified and summarized: 

1)   Opening shot- November 2019

Submission of this document to get the ball rolling and to raise awareness amongst interested Steemians. Encourage community participation in the development of this living documents. ALL feedback is welcome and some of which will be integrated here.   

2)  Discord group and volunteers- November- December 2019

Following submission, Steemians who provided input and who are specialized in the subjects mentioned in this document will be contacted. They will all be directed to a newly created Discord group. Once Steemit communities are made publicly available. A community will be created in support of the live messaging app. Here youtube content creators will have access to a number of volunteer and knowledgeable Steemians for support. This is vital for onboarding, as we all know that initial hand holding for the first steps into Steem is crucial for retention. We will provide that real time customer support. 

3)  Fine tuning of angle of approach, strategy and content creator whitelist- Ongoing 2019-2020  

Ideally once we have reached this stage, we will have amassed a dynamic group of multicultural individuals, each with the necessary skills, contacts and experiences to make this project a success. I particularly call upon @elipowell  and @andrarchy to assist in the fine tuning of our collective strategy. Their insight and network connections will make this process far more efficient.  

It is who you know, not what you know that tends to make all the difference. Therefore a list of content creators to approach will be compiled by the team. Over time, once relationships have been established and nurtured. This network will be of great value to every Steem Dapp out there now and in the future. 

4)  Delegation request- December 2019  

With respect to the gamification model, there is nothing like a good incentive to get momentum going. Newly onboarded established cryptotubers will be sponsored in upvotes for a set and agreed period of time. Larger upvotes will be provided to those specifically promoting Steem to their audience.

All curation rewards from this account shall be sent to @null and burned. This is initially a volunteer project and burning will be our little contribution to increasing rarity of Steem and SBD.

5)  Coordinated press releases- January 2020 onwards.    

As a group, we would ask all Steem DApps (current and future) to partner with us. This in order to  notify us of their latest project releases. Our role will be to reformat any relayed information into a digestible press release and into multiple languages. Then distribute this amongst our established network of cryptotubers and relevant news organizations that have been onboarded. Additionally all compiled inputs here will be formatted into a shared monthly newsletter and released online (Steem, email lists, etc.) 

6)  Review of lessons learned and expansion to other types of mainstream content creators- February 2020 and every quarter thereafter.    

After several months of implementation, the group will initiate a review of the project's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Appropriate amendments will be made to the project's structure, strategy and policies.  This with the intent to reach out to other types of mainstream content creators. 

7)  DAO proposal submitted via SPS- March 2020  

After review of previous actions and endeavours of the group. Along with actual proof of work that the whole Steem community has observed, a DAO proposal will be drafted to professionalize and support our group in its ongoing endeavors.  

Final words: 

Well there it is and it just took me a little longer than anticipated to put together. This is my initial vision of what needs to be done to get our community known to the rest of the world. I would like to give a huge shout out to @pennsif for getting this process started. In which over 30 Steemians heard his call to arms and put their thinking caps on. 

This is vast pool of energy, so obviously at the disposal of the Steem blockchain, must be leveraged and taken advantage off. Not to do so would continue to show the lack of leadership and ability to adapt.   

We are community.   






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Thank you for the entry @intrepidsurfer.

Definitely some food for thought...

Going over the Steemfest streams for a second time. I took note that it was mentioned by Steemit, that marketing/promotion isn't deemed important or a priority at the moment.

I think they should start realizing the importance of proper marketing, and if they need a case for such claim, Tron might be a great example of how shitproject gets momentum via marketing only... This piece should have been on trending. Enjoyed reading

thank you @ocupation . If we waited for Steemit to do anything of their own will or without external pressures, we would wait for too long. Best to get on with it anyway we can.

Despite the fact that I'm not in favor of they have made a progress in the last few months, however it should have been done a year ago haha...

Oh I agree, but better late than never.

Oh my ghad, I am so glad I stumbled upon your article and all I cant help but nod all through out.

By the way, I am not done reading through the document yet, I promise to get back to it. But I really could not help but give you a super thumbs up 👍👍👍 for when you mentioned the importance of marketing to Steemit.

I am only a few day old since I joined. I joined October 15th. And to he honest, I only stumbled upon steemit accidentally because I was searching for alternatives to Nimses. So i googled "social media built on blockchain", and I got Minds, and All me, but I wasn't really happy with both - Minds is too political, and is really like going through a digital photoalbum. I wanted something that's more interactive, that has a more engaging community, and I saw steemit.

And now, I spend more time on the steem blockchain than on FB and IG that I frequent before.

So you're right, marketing - which is getting our foot through the door - is where steemit is really poor. Finding Steemit is difficult, and the way its designed, I think the common customers be too scared to join. I do think you're idea to engage the CryptoYoutubers is really strategic, but there has to be a core team to do it. I also think that sound marketing strategies, controls, governance, and performance report on marketing steemit is absolutely necessary. I too can volunteer.

And to make this important piece move, directed leadership should be in place. Someone whom people will listen too and has experience on this need to take the mantle of leadership.


I made a video on what my first few days on Steemit was like, so youre also correct on mentioning the importance of onboarding. Understanding what the first few days for someone who is new is like is of utmost importance. these painpoints can help the onboarding team come up with easy to understand and sound steategies to help make onboarding more effective.

This is it for now. ill bookmark this article and will finish reading it. i really got excited.

Welcome to Steem and hope you are getting on well with the community. I will be in touch with you soon about the team I am building to promote Steem. Are you on discord?

This is fantastic. Feel free to add me on discord @pinoy.viajero#0380