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Source #SPUD (Steem Power Up Day) is an initiative from @streetstyle where people are encouraged to buy some Steem and power up at the start of a month. There are prizes to be won for smaller accounts with 40-69 reputation.

STEEMCAMPUK 2020 - save the date

SteemCampUK will take place on Saturday 25 April 2020 at De Montfort University, Leicester, with @lloyddavis, SteemCampUK founder, facilitating the day. The Institute of Applied Economics and Social Value at the University are providing a free venue and there may be some fringe events in the afternoon on Friday 24 April.

I'd like to do some scheduled sessions as well as our usual free-wheeling unconference open-space style:

  • an introductory "Welcome to the (Steem) Blockchain" conversation,
  • another with @spinvest about decentralised finance and saving and investing on the blockchain,
  • and one with @reggaesteem about the #jahm token and plans for building the hospitality and tourism industry in Jamaica.

I'd like to organise live video links with @silverstackeruk and @donald.porter, @dmilliz and @miyard as part of their respective sessions.

It would be really great if anyone had any ideas for leading a couple of other sessions - @splinterlands comes to mind, and, especially, everything around music and other creatives. It would be very relaxed and informal, a low-key round table conversation, but really useful to have some themes, I'm thinking?

Let me know in the comments if there is anything you are interested in doing or anything that you would like to take part in, so we can get an idea about the type of space we will need.

Source SteemCampUk 2019 at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Leicester, with thanks to @dronegraphica. There's also the video that @ashtv made of SteemCampUK 2019.

SPUD 2020

I've just powered up 513.81 Steem to bring me to 28,600 Steem Power, aiming for 30,000 SP by 1 March 2020, maybe half-Orca (is there such a thing?) by the end of the year. I think I had just under 6,000 Steem Power when I went to SteemFest 2 in November 2018, so one way and another I've added about 20,000 Steem over the past thirteen or so months.

I buy a small amount weekly, regardless of the price, but I have had a couple of big buys when the price was very low - the largest was just over 7,000 Steem in September. I'm powering up all the time and I forget about #spud :)

Not everything is powered up: I've invested in @reggaesteem's jahm token, buying about 95,000 at 0.03 (max) Steem over the summer months; and about 7,500 Steem's worth of SPI through the Steem Power Investment Club (@spinvest). Between them, that's about another 10,000 Steem.

I also have some LEO and NEOXAG, which are delegated to @spinvest-leo and @spinvest-neo respectively; both return SPI tokens for delegation and help to build the SPI holdings overall. My PAL and Creative Coin holdings are delegated to @needleworkmonday to help build that account and its fabulous community.


Yesterday, I powered up 1,545 jahm, and over the month it was 3,299 jahm. This is passive curation earnings from following the @jahm.whitelist run by @crypticat while I've been away from the keyboard.

My total jahm holdings now are 141,790 and I'm very happy with that. Reggaesteem has a sound business idea, a talented team and a great community (I especially like the food).

Source There is a 5:1 delegation offer available until Friday 3 January - it's a great way to dip your toes in the water!


Last, but not least, Steem Power Investments (@spinvest). We've had a token split (which means you can get started at just 1 Steem per SPI token) which increased my holdings by 25%, bringing them to 7,850 SPI. When @spinvest started, I had a vague idea that I'd like to own 10% of the fund overall. Why not? I'm a little behind that target, but it's looking good.

Source Steem Power Investments holdings growth over the past half year.

One of the (many) latest developments is a proposal to set up a member-owned buy-back wall on Steem-Engine. This is a great idea, I'm really happy about having reserves in place, it will keep SPI tokens in circulation and committed members get a 5% discount.

It would be rude not to, and so part of my Steem buying plans this SPUD have included a 200 Steem provision for the buy-back wall. More detail is in @spinvest's post from Friday 3 January (remember, that's also the deadline for your delegation to @reggaesteem :)~ ).

Some other great news is the soft launch of the SPI beneficiary scheme. As an advocate of regular saving, I'm really in favour of this. By setting @spinvest as a beneficiary for a percentage of your post rewards, you'll receive the equivalent in SPI tokens. This is really the best way to save - remove what you want to save (5%,10%, 20%) before it ever gets in your wallet.

During the soft launch, this benefit is only available to members, which is a really good reason to buy some SPI tokens and confirm your membership (links to all the details available on any @spinvest post). Sorry, I got this wrong: everyone can start to build their SPI holdings by using @spi-payments as a beneficiary. More details in @spinvest's post.


I've been supporting @phoenixwren's upfundme project for a mutual first aid kit (latest post). I don't like those decimal numbers, so mostly my contributions are the loose change in my wallet (one week it really was 2 cents worth). I really like these mutual projects and if you have some decimals rattling round your wallet, please consider sending them @phoenixwren's way.

The opportunities for organised support for charity are much lower than they were on Steem. I try and support good works with delegations to community projects that support smaller accounts - @tenkminnows,, @steemclub-uk and @needleworkmonday.

I really appreciate the work that the founders and hosts do for these accounts, helping to grow the Steem eco-system: many thanks to @slobberchops, @steevc, @pennsif, @crosheille, @muscara and @marblely.

that's it for SPUD, JPUD and the rest for today, hope you and yours have a wonderful new year's day and a fabulously abundant 2020.
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I'm definitely going to try and make it this year, pending any dramas at home. I quite like the idea of fringe events on the Friday 24th afternoon - gives a good reason to book accommodation for the Friday night and break the trip up a bit.

It will be good to see you 😊
Some people stayed for the weekend last year and seemed to enjoy themselves!
Events for the Friday afternoon might allow for a better crossover between non-steemians and steemians.

Welcome BACK!! It’s great to see you around here on the chain as always :)

Comprehensive update and wondrous idea with open sessions with these two talented teams/projects, of which you know I am also both highly invested.

Hope you’re well and have a healthy and prosperous new year and beyond :-)

Thank you, lovely to be here. I see there's lots of JPUD posts, so I've got some reading to do. Congratulations on your jahm power up - that's excellent!

You're just given me a thought, this might be too ambitious, but I'm wondering if we could broadcast the sessions, too? I think I need someone like @pennsif to give me some help. Would be awesome if the communities could chip in as well.

I'm very excited about 2020. It feels good :) Best wishes to you, too!

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I'll be there in April, for another awesome photo opp if nothing else.

Great Steem progress there!

Good to see you back posting too, Happy New Year!

That's great - will be good to see you. I really enjoyed the Cambridge meet-up, too, I hope some of those people (@molometer, @basilmarples, @sazzler, @adetorrent and @gillianpearce) will be able to come as well as @steevc. And @abh12345 and @article61 are only just up the road.

You, too :)

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

I hope so, get those tags in.

You forgot @slobberchops and @goblinknackers

Hehe - you're right, though how could I forget @goblinknackers?

I should be there for Steemcamp. I may even see if I can come for the Friday and stay over with my daughter. I could do the local parkrun. Looking forward to it.

That would be great!
I'll know more after 14 January, I have a planning meeting then with the University.
Friday afternoon was @lloyddavis's idea - maybe easier to attract Leicester folks who would come in a work capacity.

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You are busy with so many things here on Steem - it's awesome! "Steem is what we make of it", and your Steem is colorful and diverse and rewarding for you and others :)

Hello @muscara, best wishes for the new year, an exciting decade is opening for us!
Steem is very rewarding in so many ways, and there are all the lovely people, too :)

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Happy New Year Shani. Great to see you back in action. Would be honored to do the live session. ( Hopefully in good timing and not 3 AM in the morning :)

Mighty JAHM and Steem holding there. You are in it to win it!
All the best in this decade.

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Hehe - I was thinking about the time zones! We have a planning meeting in about ten days, so I'll have more information. I should be ready to get back to discord by then, which will be easier for organising.

Thank you - I'm proud of it, it's taken some time, but I think I've made the right decisions. I was wondering if you would think about a badge as one of the benefits for people who reach 100,000 stake? I'd like "JAHM OG Investor" hehe :)

All the best to you and your family, too - and reggaesteem!

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Sounds good. Will see what the rest of team has to say.

That’s actually good idea regarding a badge for those who stake over 100k ,
really ? Jahm OG. Investor 😂?

Thanks Shani✨

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Yep - I'm the original! 😂

I’ll be there for steemcampuk 2019 so count me in 🤪🤟
Sounds like you have your fingers in many tasty pies, @shanibeer. Look forward to hearing about all these projects and catching up with the uk steem community.

Posted using Partiko iOS

That's great news - I have many photography questions!
Look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes for 2020 to you and yours :)

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This is great news - I’ll save the date for the 25th April :)

Fabulous, I'm so pleased :)

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100th upvote on this post! Happy New Year BTW, and hopefully you'll get to relax in Jamaica soon.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

hehe - you must be very special mr 100th crypticat :)

Happy new year, too!

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Wow ! You do make your investment work for you, well done! I'm so useless just rely on the manual curation 😅

I was pleased with the earnings when I hadn't been able to post much!
I'm sure you do a great job :)

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Oh my. There's so much information in this post it sends me into a slight panic. 😂

I still haven't got to grips with a lot of the token stuff although I am a regular saver with SPI thanks to you. Looks like I need to become a full member to take advantage of that other op you mention.

However, I won't have time to look at anything until I'm back in the UK next week.

I'm not sure about the April meet-up as it's John's birthday. I'd really love to be there. Will have to think of something I can entice him with but then the kids will probably want to do something with him.

Maybe the date will get changed. That would be good! It has been known. 😂

oh no! quick, get into a lounger and have some cake!
Much of the token stuff is over my head, I was lucky with airdrops and they've formed the basis of my holdings. I've really only invested in four or five, and not the ones I expected, I thought it was going to be creativecoin, but I hardly have time to see what's happening there - and splinterlands is a mystery to me.
I'll be sorry if you can't make April, but there will be other times, perhaps even a south coast meetup later in the year? I enkjoyed that day in Cambridge so much, and one by the sea would be just as lovely. Enjoy the rest of your holiday - there's no need to panic, one of the beauties of Steem is there's always another opportunity coming round the corner :)

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one of the beauties of Steem is there's always another opportunity coming round the corner :)

Good point! 😁

Hey @shanibeer! I will be attending for sure. Happy 2020 and see you in April :)

It will be great to see you, Drone Dad :)

Hello @shanibeer . Thank you for your #spud support and for all you do in support of the Steem Blockchain and its community. Amazing stuff!!

Happy New Year 2020 and Full Steem Ahead!

Hello @streetstyle, thanks for dropping by.
It looks like this SPUD was very successful :)
See you soon!

Thanks @shanibeer for doing your part for #spud and yes it was a good turn out despite having taken place on New Year's Day.

Welcome back.Hope you've had a fabulous holiday and the neck is improving. Best of everything to you for 2020 :-)

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Hello there, you too :)
Are you in the UK or have you gone home now?

Missed you.
Hope healthy
and now ready
to put yourself from
idle to overdrive.

Thank you :)
I feel very excited about 2020, looking forward to the decade.
Best wishes for the new year and look forward to many more interactions :)

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Your already a half Orca, that’s 25,000 STEEM!

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Haha, no wonder I feel so uncomfortable, it's no fun being half anything. For some reason I thought it was thirty-five thousand, I don't know where I got that from.

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Eeek no, your plenty over the halfway mark.

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