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I don't know much about SteemEngine and I don't believe I need to have a PhD in SteemEngineering to be able to use it. With talk about so many different tokens going on, I've been interested in buying a few of them. I might not be able to buy as many as everyone else, but I believe no amount is too small.

I created some open orders on some tokens, but I really didn't take note of them as I just decided to buy. Since i'm not seeing them in my wallet, it's safe to say that those orders haven't been filled (probably because of the price I want to buy them). As far as I know, I will have to go to the market of each token to be able to see my open orders.

With over 400 tokens so far, that will be a ton of work (phew). What do I do? I'm here to ask the community if there's a way to check all open orders at a go without the need to check on each token's market? If there isn't, could it be included in the shortest possible time? Or, do you think it's not important to have that included on SteemEngine? Let me know your thoughts, and if I've said anything bad/wrong, do let me know.

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I just started to study steem-engine myself. Not easy on a mobile.
The only thing i had a look at so far are the tokens I already have.
An aweful lot of them and I wonder if it is usefull to keep them all.

So far I did not buy anything as I understand you need steemp for that.

Might be I will try to change some coins but at the moment it is not worth my time and attention. I want to figure out first what I will concentrate on.
The fee is there and my time is money too.

Please keep me updated, 💕

Haha, understood. Take your time

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When I want to buy something, I do this:

  1. Go to the trade page and select the lowest price in the "sall" tab

  2. Click on the price and this price is displayed in the "Buy"

  3. Enter the number of tokens that you want to buy and click to buy.

So you buy tokens immediately.

I get that, but sometimes you might want to buy them cheaper

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Now is a good price to buy a GAMER token :)
They usually cost 0.00005, and now 0.00003

I do not recommend casino games, but it is profitable to buy tokens and receive dividends

Will try to get some more

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