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Village talk.

Steem and

#ryan313 turned us onto #steem a few years ago.
With retirement around the corner, we thought it might be fun to learn how to "blog".
With our account set up, the birth of steemit for the Jurgs was born.

It's been a blast ever since.

The talk about #bitcoin and crypto currency swirled around the kitchen table, mashed potatoes flew out of mouths, drinks were spilled and hearty discussions pursued .

Talking leads to listening, my sweet daughter-in-law just sent me a mock-up of her first, maybe #steemit post.







Ya gotta love it #makemesmile, I know you are smiling @ elizacheng😄


It's been quite a few years since our son @ryan313 started to investigate #bitcoin and crypto currency . He has spent many hours to educate himself in this new monetary concept. He talked and we listened. We invested.

Our son could speak of nothing else, encouraging all to invest, plan our future and understand where the US dollar was heading. Crypto was the future, don't be left behind. We listened.

His motivation was to get out from under 'the man'. With the birth of his third child, the damn broke. He was sick of the boring 9-5, the squeeze from the man . It was time to take control of his own life.
Good move.

I quit! I am done.

Full time daddy:
Sick of letting other forces run his life, my son became a full time dad.

If you have kids, nurture them yourself. Don't expect nannies to teach them your values or beliefs. Give up "stuff" to teach your kids YOURSELF. Attention to them is all that matters. Pay attention, listen, respond.

Babies learn through nurturing, with it they thrive.
If you truly love, you will express that love through actions...that will never be a mistake.

Babies feel our vibe from the moment they are born.

Good choice Ryan, they feel that vibe.

summer2010 009.JPG

So what's this all about?
Kids and crypto...

Both will fuel are future, some will make us smile, the others will just help us have time to enjoy it.

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Looking forward to not meeting the daughter in-law, @farm-mom. 😉

talk, talk, talk, talk, Yap Yap yap yap yap

Yup, I am a talker alright, can't help it sometimes.
Working on becoming a better listener, I find when I listen, I learn more.
Hey, nobody's perfect. 😁

My mother used to always end our phone calls with “ok, I’ve probably talked your ear off now.” Man.. What I’d give to hear her say that again.

I wrote a song about it once, it starts like this:
I’d like to talk to you again.
Just one more time is all I’m askin.
I’d grab hold of both of your hands.
Like I never held hands with anyone before.
I’d listen when you talk.
You could finish every sentence.
Id grab hold of both of your hands.
If I could just talk to you just once more.

(Hmm.. didn’t know I’d be sharing those lyrics with you or anyone, ever, for that matter..... this just got weird)

Talk less, listen more, genius! 👍🏿 @farm-mom, do you have any hearing tricks? I don’t have any issues listening, I just have a tough time hearing other people.

When I say things like mom it reminds me to remember we’re all human on this platform. Things like leading the platform in downvotes and missing long time friends gets heavy—even for a blogger. Just because I’m behind this illuminated screen doesn’t mean I’m free from emotions.

Thanks for always being nice to me @farm-mom. God bless the Jurg’s.

(I had no idea this response was going to do all of this)

Phew!! @dandays you must have big lungs or should I say big and fast fingers cuz you sure can type out loooonnnngggg responses.😁
That was a nice song you wrote to your mom. I miss my mom so much and it's over 11 years since she's been gone. But I talk to her all the time, especially when I am down about something. Believe it or not, I always feel better, even though I don't actually hear her voice, I feel her energy.
Now, I wish you and the sweed would just give each other a hug and move on. And stop jamming up my space....hehehehe

Moms will always live in our hearts, even when long gone @dandays. I think of both of my parents every day.

Just because I’m behind this illuminated screen doesn’t mean I’m free from emotions.
I hear you! Klenex, tissues and all of the other s--t!

Nice. A Sweed sighting. Well, ima respond then cuz you hear me (i knew young would 😉). Get comfortable, I just proof read this thing—it’s a long one. 👍🏿

I tend to get extra vocal extra often. I think it has a lot to do with being an only child and a bastard, impossible for you to imagine being that. Like me imagining what it would be like to have children or siblings, it’s just not something I’m capable of doing. So, yeah, I’ve been known to scream from the roof tops. I’m glad it got your attention. I never meant to upset you man, everything I say here is one of two things, real life ish with a realistic point of view or real life ish with a satire point of view. However, there’s a double edged sword in there, with two completely different viewpoints and the lack of body language, hand gestures, facial expressions, etc, it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. I never meant ill-will sir, I only want to make you think, make you laugh, or both.

That message I left the farm mom grabbed at me. Things like burying the only parent I ever knew or burying my best friend when he OD’d.. dude! Man, :this just in: the very first hosts we had in Costa Rica, Bruce and Ron.. AWESOME guys!! F man! Great people, Ron just died—danget! Barely 50. Too kind of a man, he was so kind.

This response is already a ridiculous length. This must be months of neglect. <— laugh, that’s supposed to make you laugh. That Kleenex one was supposed to make you laugh, too, I hope it did. I hope you were firing one up and thought about it like “that frikkin dan days!!” <— laugh. Alright, I’ll quit queueing the laughter. You’re a grown man, laugh at your leisure, read my stuff or don’t, it’s all good, Sweed. Just know I think you and the farm mom are genuine, you’re both in our prayers, and I respect the example you lead with.

I think I already said how long this was once??

Oh!!! We’re going to Israel! I haven’t been this excited about many things in a very long time. See where Jesus was baptized, where he was born, the Sea of Galilee where he walked on water, the streets of Jerusalem where he carried the cross—I’m so excited. Can you tell? Sorry.. sidetracked. Israel does that to me I guess—“guilty!”

Three times. This is the third time I’ve mentioned the ridiculous length of this response.

I’ve been having a tough time doing things on this platform lately. Not sure if it’s wearing on me or what. Not sure if I’m not happy with the activity that’s going on or what. Maybe it’s cuz my wife skipped out on the platform. Not sure anymore. I think maybe I’ll just go in spurts or something. I see other authors getting the respect they finally deserve, you’re one of them actually, congratulations. I’m not sure if maybe I should slow down or just try another platform or what. I think the only thing I’m sure about is I can’t shut up right now. Ok, I’m really gonna try to quit.

Don’t use Kleenex for a number two, I don’t recommend that, let’s just say you’ll be washing your hands with a little more intensity. Kleenex is good for small spills, too, like coffee. Squish a bug, Kleenex is good for those too. I won’t trade em for engaging with you though dude, that’s a sh- - ty deal..... I know I said I wouldn’t do it again but you’re supposed to laugh at that sh- -ty deal part.

I Hope this clears some air for you. Thanks for dropping by, that’s good enough. People that downvote me, All 25 of the punks per post, unlike anyone else I’ve seen on this whole’fa king platform.... what a joke. Anyhow, those people, I wish they’d leave me alone. What I’m trying to say is, you’re not one of those people.

Enjoy your weekend @thebigsweed. See you around (or not). God bless you and yours all the same, wether I see you around or not.

Hey kid, very nice post. We could not have asked for a better partner for our son. Our daughter in law is such a sweetheart! She is always so appreciative of every little thing, even a sack of potatoes.

Forget the silver, just bundle up some spuds.😄😁😉

@Tipu curate

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Good morning Melinda, nice to hear from you.
Thanks so much for all your support.
Have a wonderful day my friend.

I meant to get back and actually write a comment about your wonderful post and your delightful family! I like them already!

Hi @melinda010100, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the compliment about my family, my world revolves around them. Just got back from Jersey, I had to go down to do the trick or treat thing with them. They were so adorable in their costumes. Hope you are doing well, always nice to hear from you.

My kids are coming from Chicago to spend the weekend here. Even though the grands are teenagers now, there is no one else on earth that I would rather spend time with, so I know exactly how you feel!

There's nothing like spending time with family, so glad you have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy!

I have a cousin who just had a baby and I encourage her to trust Steemit. I hope its price increases and that helps it to be at home with the baby. That pure looks delicious

Hello @denissemata, I sure would like to see steem go up in price also. It sure would make us all smile. Congratulations on the new baby, hope mother and child are doing well.

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Well hello there @yamgum, glad you enjoyed my post.
Hope to see you dropping by again soon.