earn booster by boosting post

1 year ago
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earn Booster

If you want to earn booster token you should boost your post
The post will be rewarded with a very poor upvote buy you will get a token that is sold able on good price right now booster is very rushed by upvote seekers and many of people are crazy for booster token pack The booster token price was jumped higher in past but now a day its just a stable now lets see whats up now.
Booster is a great place to boost your post and earn reward for boosting your post.
So i am testing if it is work or not or what is the sell price i get ,
i see some people still did not on steem engine , Steem engine is full of opportunity tokens a small smt before launch of big smt which will be launched in just after 3 months and steem will boost high.
As we know there are too many token has been launched so far so steem engine is growing very big and bigger and just we need to wait for few days and hold steem let see whats up next.
I am not planning to power down steem any way i will hold it until 2020 and i hope steem will one day comparison with EOS and ETH market. But It may take long long time to happen.
Booster token is growing and has a limited supply so i hope i collect some booster token today and you do it the same .