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Earn Money while playing Game

let me tell you i am making daily 1 Eos while playing game there are many Eos project that pay you to invest in online
property ☺.../☺☺.
Making money with eos is just fun. I invested 10 Eos for buying a land and then start making building in online game where i can make 30000 Gold or 30 PGl which are equal to 1 eos .
The price of PGL coin is very stable and you can even stay relax. At start 10 pgl were equal to 1 eos now 30 pgl price move high or down according to demand of property.

How it works

every investor will be given 3 workers with tools you have to buy tools like pixel , showel , golden pan and other stuff tool for mining gold.
Gold making is easy for workers you no need any knowledge you have to follow the rules and terms multiple accounts are not allowed. follow the terms and conditions and enjoy making money , do not greed and use multiple accounts it will destroy your account and you will never earn.

How to start

To make a start, search for the games newdex.io which is reliable exchange, where you can search for best online property game there are two land games one is prospectors.io is giving the best opportunity to earn online,
First of all you have to buy 6 tools for 3 workers which will cost you 10k gold and then you can make 50k gold with it , which is 5x higher profit even the PGL coin is still stable and easy to earn , you can not make multiple account , also there are thousands of workers now working in these games.
PGL is best coin by EOS , which give a opportunity to make good money , with 50k gold daily you can buy property each property cost you 168k Gold , after buying a property you will need additional 500k gold after 600k gold investment and surfing 7 days your factory will start making daily 30k gold which is awesome , after your factory you can start making money with your workers.

Caution and warning

source agreement
reserves the right to change or add to these Conditions at
any time, without notifying the User.
○ If the User does not agree to the Conditions, PROSPECTORS reserves the
right to terminate the Agreement, which leads to the deletion of the User’s
● Description of Services
○ PROSPECTORS renders the game service. The game is available for the
Users who have signed up this Agreement. After signing up the Agreement, a
User receives the right to use the game functions in its current version. A
User does not receive a right to sign this Agreement automatically. Despite
the different rules employed in every game or game world, a User has a right
to have only one game account.
● Game Gold
○ In case of depositing 1 PGL token in the game, a User receives 1 000 of the
game gold. In case of withdrawing 1 000 of game gold, a User receives 1
○ In case of violating the rules of this Agreement, which leads to the further
blocking/deleting of the User’s account, a User will not be able to withdraw

Tools required to start

you must have an eos account to make free eos account you have to visit murmur app available in app store.
After making eos account save up your private keys and buy a cpu and ram which will help you to make transaction
between apps and accounts of Eos.
After staking your account and making every thing work you have to install online scatter application available on
extension but if you install it for pc it will help you to protect your account same formula apply like keychain for
When all things going perfect works , you can now start making GOld , Gold is convertible to PGL and Pgl is convertable into Eos.

Never disclose your private keys to Any one