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Benefits of steem reputation

First of all before hardfork 22 , There was no big difference between small reputation and good reputation accounts.
The update done after hardfork22 encourage every one to gain their reputation, Specially people who have more then 25k steem power will get benefit for curating someone.
The fine idea is that if you research people who have more then 70 reputation are earning more curation reward compare to people who are have less reputation.
To explain you briefly i give you example, BOB and Dice are two friends on steemit. BOB and Dice have 50k Steem power BOB account is new Dice account is old, Dice has 75 Reputation but Bob has 50 reputation.
Now BOB and Dice bob upvoted on same post with full power The post payout reach Dice will take reward of Bob curation and Bob will earn less reward.
To proof this science i will place some screenshots you should understand this new methodology of SPS curving system.
The mention box 3 people upvoted with almost same steem USD value but 1 of them get 3x higher reward and other 2 get less reward and Steem taken reward from others curation and give to 1 person.

My Idea rewarding reputation

I am not sure but THis is just my idea , that the people who are famous in writing and have good reputation on steemit , are getting more curational reward compare to newbies.
AS i have 3k steem power when i upvote to famous author i am earning still less , or i can say the people who use their account only for curation are earning more reward compare to people who sell their upvote , So these curators love to curate because they are earning more reward for upvoting others. SO a person who earn more reward to curation instead of self upvoting or selling their upvote will always love to curate others.
I have no idea i am right or wrong if a witness see this post he can give the better answer so i undelegated to bot will try the manual curation for at least a month to check the result. Also my attention is to gain my steem reputation above 70 , but if i do not take upvote from bot it will be not possible for me to gain the reputation higher faster. I am not searching for bots money . my will is to get higher reputation so i become curator like other curators.
Currently i have 69 and target at least 70 plus. There is another benefit if you have 70 plus reputation you will be eligible for byte ball airdrop which give you 180$ free of cost , I will apply for this airdrop right after my reputation goes higher then 70.
Correct me if my research is wrong , as i am not a steem developers , may be developers know well i also seen a user name ZAku has good reputation on his account. He get 5x more reward for curating others.

Curation Automation

I am now let my account work for automation curation system where the account will use steem power to upvote upto daily 500 steemians randomly , automation system is based by the most reliable and trusted source to give your account to grow , The main purpose of auto upvote curation system to increase account reputation and give maximum revenue by upvoting small minnows and good writers and help them to grow.
I suggest , every one who has a more then 5k power should join this curation trail , A curation trail is developed to automatic group upvoting to good content,which help writers to earn more reward , Special thanks to steem Auto team.
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