Hardfork 21 You are happy or unhappy

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HF 21

First of all No survey has been conducted to implement a Hardfork21 where 20 witness decided to remove author reward which is the main source of earning as a social media workers. They thing curators should get better money then authors.
The problem here if you do hardfork21 curators will still demand money to upvote your post they will never give you upvote for free . This is not a free social media earning platform you can call it a paid social media platform.
Imagine you make a perfect post contain 2 images or 10 images with lot of text and article, but forget to boost your post using bots a paid to promote bots for gain ranking .
You did not ranked your post after 1 hour of struggle and hardwork for writing a content.
You wrote a big post still you will not rewarded no free upvotes available here . You have to pay to buy upvotes because steem power is not free steem power is paid and people who have good steem power invest lot of money for it.
For example you have bought a house will you give it someone without taking rent ? of course not
Every one come here for money and social networking or some brands come for marketing but all of them pay money for promote their posts.

Questions come into my mind regarding HF21

So why curators need more curation rewards when they are not giving free upvote for promotions ?

20 Witness why you always deduct reward from authors . you witness are running nodes and server getting a good salary in steem for this can not you reduce your reward for steem contribution why always authors has to suffer?

People who get less then 20 steem reward will get more less profit ? so witness want to remove money from poors, do you think the top trending posts are best articles ? no they are paid to promote posts.

What will be the future of gig website like steemhunt where workers work hard to get the reward. Steemhunt reward will be destroyed and authors who work hard for steemhunt will get some cents.
Free downvotes are good to use but will not it start revenge or abuse downvoting , for example i am not a big writer and can not write good english but it does not mean i do not qualify to write here . i need freedom of speech which will be destroyed due to useless downvotes. Downvotes for what if people do not understood or like your post not for doing spam. so i think a big downvote war will begin and people like to downvote each other for enjoy and whales will destroys minnows .

HF 21 is good or bad

According to my oppinion steem has no choice to do only reduce the reward is solution to decrease inflation in steem blockchain which may help to control steem price . But the problem is big whales and promotional bots which are running on the power of @freedom they pay only rent to @freedom and they will have freedom always to sell of because they have not invested they are just making money for doing nothing and they are main culprit of steem destruction. So why not destroy these bots , Stop trending those post who has a large payout , I think trending system need to be changed and there should be manual moderators who control trendline and rank good written posts to top instead of top earning posts . Write your opinion about HF21 Still i will be happy if it increase the value of steemit.