INtroduction to steem auto curation trail

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What is steem Auto service

Steem Auto according to the name Auto means you give rights of distribution of your account upvotes. where you give access to your account to distribute your upvote and give rights to help poor minnows or famous writers to let them earn money. Steem Auto is cost free service most whales and minnows are using steem auto service to support curation for poor minnows. steemauto give chance to good writers to earn reward without paying to buy upvote service , Steem curation reward will comes to your account and you will avail that you no need to work manually. your votes will be distributed among thousands of steemians and you will get the reward for curation. I also joined curation team and following the trail.

What is curation Trail

Curation trail stands for the main account which upvote a account others will follow them and upvote that post too , there are many famous trails which give opportunity to follow them and make money by following them.
There are many famous trails, @curie @steemauto @cryptoctopus .

How much we can earn by

First to get this service you have to visit and follow your favourite trail , if you follow @healthexpert trail i will give you 1 steem as a gift.
you can use autoclaim system that is used to claim the reward automatically when ever you gathered a big reward for upvoting , Auto claim service work every 2 hour and claim for reward easily.

How much reward we can earn for curation

Curation reward depend upon your user score , your upvote count , your steem badges and reputation. some user earn more reward compare to others , The default rate of curation reward is 50/50 but it will changed according to the post value author reputation and your account . After hardfork 22 the new system will follow the advance technology curve reward system where poor power account will get less reward and high power account will get more reward to understand this. you can check out the chart about curve system visit for more detail. Steemnow service is brought to you by @penguinpablo .
if a user payout is 20 steem your upvote value will be higher if a user account payout is zero your upvote account may be half . so This is why most minnows like to upvote famous writers . after upvoting thousands of steemians you will get many badges from @steemitboard. to check your badge and user ranking please visit .

Downvote trail

Steem flag rewards is service to stop spam and you can donate your downvote power to them for downvoting automatically . They also give free upvote and flagging token which is withdrawable from
Currently i have 3200 steem power and earning a 0.50 steem reward for curation which is very small but if you use steemauto constantly you will get many steemboard rewards and your ranking will grow , some users are getting more reward for curation after a long time of curation they become valuable curators.