Minnowbooster paying very good reward updated to Hardfork21

1 year ago
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Many of us know minnowbooster very well and i am a seller of upvote bot minnowbooster , currently minnowbooster was disable to work because of fork happen and steem server interrupted sudden the curation reward increased to 50% and SPS reward is 10% , i think SPS is a reward for pay the cost of production that was done by blocktrades.
from last 2 days thousands of minnows left steemit work due to unconcer condition and do not know about the price future of steem.
Many witness claim that the price will be top of steem when less steem coin generated the more less selling happen from authors. Most authors considered this platform as a get paid to post content .
Lets talk about the reward from minnows.
Minnow has increased the reward they are paying 2.20$ for each bid you do for example if you are sending 1$ they will upvote you 2.20$ for make sure you earn some bucks ,
Actually according to new technology 99 percent people who are holding power has left self working or selling upvote but still minnowbooster found a way to make profit for both steem delegator or steem investor.
Most witness said that this place is not for making money you can advertise your content here.but 90% people was here for make some money.
As you know when we write we give lot of time to content , specially if you are a slow typer it will be harder for you to achieve the target.
So instead of leaving steemit and powering down i request you all to delegate your steem power to minnowbooster and enjoy earning a good money here.
But if you are going to get upvote from minnow bot keep this in mind that minnow always take care of content and also remove upvote if you tried to make a spam content , So i am delegating my SP to minnow when it will start working 100% because my SP is wasting due to new HF21 i can not sell upvote manually only big whales can enjoy and work on steemit no worries for fork.