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Pray for me and my friends health

My friend Name tahseen dilber belong to my city . We know each other from 3 years he is suffering from last stage of blood cancer. He done chemotherapy from china last year but cancer was not cured . He lossed 100,000$ for surgery in china.
Now He goes to germany for the treatment which cost him more 100,000$.
He was a very rich man a owner of software house but disease never left you rich, The wise people always said that health is wealth. The treatment in germany is on going the tissue of bone marrow has been injected and taken for bio lab samples .
The problem is i am also poor and ill i strongly worked hard to achieve a donation collection for him and many facebook friends help him . But this time he sold his his house for the treatment, Tahseen has 4 kids please pray for his good health.
I am going to show some pictures belong to his social media account.
Lot of prayers needed for tahseen and for me as i am also suffering from stomach and liver issue and anal fistula. i have no big money for treatment like tahseen but i have hope God will help me too to get rid of diseases.
For those who have good health i advice take care of your health because if you got ill no will will come to see you and you have to sell all your life saving to safe your life.
I do not know why the world is so cruel. WHen i was a healthy person i spend my whole life to help others , but when i become sick people left me alone and even my blood relative my family left me alone. It was hard to survive when i tried to do a job , boss dismiss me due to lack of energy, my job duty was very tuff but work was very hard. Tahseen is still lucky to have a amazing friends who collected thousands of dollars for him and donated for treatment in china , but unfortunately the treatment got fail and he has to sell his house for quick treatment in germany which cost him another 100,000$.i Pray to god never give disease to a poor person.
Tahseen Surgery is going images from his social media profile
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