Steem dropping hard This is awful

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Steem Still dropping

As seems that hardfork 22 failed to deliver and work with value increase of steem price , The whole team got failure in increasing the price of steem. There are lot of supply in steem chain.
Currently there are billion of steem in supply , some days ago all exchanges halt steem wallet which lead to price stable only.
But right now we can see that steem price start dropping again. This is happen because most minnows on steem died and may be they are searching for better profitable product on internet.
The Steem team tried to cut the reward of small minnow and increased the reward of whales , Therefor whales are real culprit behind the steem drop.
Since the development is going good but most people buy steem for the sake of money . Tribe tokens still unknown outside the community of steemit.
newbies and minnows getting disappointed due to flag war , most users claimed they they sold btc to hold steem and buy upvote but when they invested they lost their money due to flag war.
Most whales are busy to use their flag system free flags to enjoy dropping the reward in steem blockchain. But they are discourage small investor and stopping them from buy steem.
Today steem drop very hard the price move from 1605 satoshi to 1500 satoshi which is a big drop in price.
The aggroed is thinking that if he reduce inflation and reward the price will start increasing. Actually the mindset of a steem user stick to money and they came here to make money. Steemit lost its way to social media and most newbies and minnows not getting any reward .
Whales make posts , Whales upvoted by whales liked by whales. But when minnow make post no whale see or like it.
and if minnow use bot , some whale come harass them and downvote them.
To make steem good in value we must have to encourage small writers and give them freedom of speech. Whales should involve in helping small minnows so that they take interest in making money from here and give time to community.
This is steem emergency quickly steem team should announce to burn steem and decrease the steem supply to survive this inflation.
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