Steem Price and market situations

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Steem market and price situations

Steem price is facing very hardship a day due to many reasons behind it.
i want to tell you many reasons on the one place

1 bitmax trading on bitcoin. which making bitcoin volatile and most crypto holders are interested in margin trading they are leaving slow money in alt market.
2 Steem top leadership is been hidden or left steem they hire a marking girl but its not enough
3 There is big delay in hardfork and specially smart media token economy to launch
4 Frustration of holding steem for less reward people are getting more opportunities from other crypto world
5 There is lack of concern of steem team to re invest and make price of steem stable
6 Steem Holders specially whales and witness are selling their stocks on cheap and blaming all on bots
7 Too many bots many steem less valuable people get money by paying money
8 Google adsense reward from steemit is not been used to boost steem price which is bad
9 Steem holders are selling their coins on cheap making it more valueless

Now what steem team should do to make steem great again

1 BLock all profit which is coming from bots
2 Instead of self work pay more reward and bonus for those who upvote randome for example 1 person upvote 100+ accounts in a month will get more reward compare to a person who upvote only selected accounts per month
3 Burn some steem supply which is too high and creating a inflation
4 Steemit is getting reward from adsense should spend on steem marketing through social media and google advertisement network to engage more community to steem
5 make steem signup process easy and instant and give some free RC credit
6 Block a spammer Rc credit for specifit period so they they can get money less out and keep steem stable.
7 Instead of empowering bots launch a sponsor service of posts pay btc and get your post ranked on steemit then use this btc donation to rebuy steem coin so make steem stable.