Freewrite: Blogging On Platforms Like STEEM Is Mining Of The Documentary Process

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It's been a while since I've made a STEEM-related post. In many ways this feels like preaching to the choir, and in many ways it's probably a little preachy. I wanted to take a look at the platform as a mechanism of mining your documentary process, much like a cryptocurrency miner mines with ASICs or GPUs. I also wanted to re-examine the question: If STEEM is such a great documentary mining mechanism, why aren't there more people here?

Traditional Social Media

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People document all different aspects of their lives on social media platforms. Some examples include:

  • Business aspects via LinkedIn
  • Social aspects via Facebook
  • Microblogging via Twitter
  • Video via YouTube

While all of these platforms have some degree of opportunity for monetization, the window for new content creators is rapidly closing, particularly on YouTube. For the average person like myself, the reward for any effort on these platforms, is simply the dopamine hit that comes from getting likes. While most content on these platforms can be considered low effort, some is high effort in terms of research, word count, or production.

I think Gary Vaynerchuck was correct in stating:

"I’ll give you the biggest tip when it comes to content creation: Document. Don’t create." [src]

But let's face it, there are many people who expend a gargantuan amount of effort to document, and build a following, who receive very little in return. They are merely doing so in the hope for that one 'viral tweet', for that dopamine hit, or in the hope of geting discovered as an authority on a certain subject.

Now Take STEEM.

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Introduce Yourself!

From DAY 1, you can begin to document with an #introduceyourself post, which will instantly be monetized. There are a number of people (including myself) on the hunt for good #introduceyourself posts. A high effort #introduceyourself post, is a rapid way to gain a good following of staked steemians. @justinparke is one such example, he had an incredible #introduceyourself post which gave him excellent exposure.


Though not perfect, the curation machine on STEEM has improved drastically since the hard fork. ANY ONE at ANY TIME can get a great result from posting high effort and high quality content. Could it improve more? Absolutely.

Crypto Blogging And Mining

There are other crypto blogging sites, such as Publish0x, which have fixed tipping model. But the fact that you can mine your documentary process in such a stake-based way on STEEM is unprecedented.

Are You Staked?

It's not without flaws, but it's one of the only platforms that if you don't like what's currently going on, you can just increase your stake in the network. I see many folks with significant stake squandering it. I see some trying to maximize their own gain at the expense of everyone else. But I also see folks that see the big picture, and use their stake to create a rising tide that will lift all boats.

So Why Isn't Everybody Here?

This is a very good question. I feel some of the primary reasons are as follows:


STEEM is a difficult concept to market, if it is marketed at all. Of primary importance, is the value of the platform conveyed by the front ends (, Steempeak, etc.) when the sites are first visited. While nobody entrenched in STEEM really cares about the trending page, it is the very first touchpoint a consumer has when exploring the STEEM ecosystem. With that in mind, take a look at the trending page and ask yourself:

Would someone with no knowledge of STEEM, see what is being presented to them and be attracted to go through the arduous process of onboarding?

WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER TO FILL TRENDING WITH HIGH EFFORT/HIGH QUALITY POSTS! And yes this means less gaming of the curation system, and more looking at the big picture. If everyone dedicated just a small part of their voting power to this effort, it would drastically improve the appeal.


This leads us to onboarding. It's lengthy, it's complicated, and it's costly. The key and wallet system is esoteric. It took me a great while to learn all of the ins and outs of the system, and I am still learning! This comes from a person who has been deeply involved in technology for his entire life. For the average user, this complexity needs to be abstracted away, even if it comes at the cost of sovereignty of keys. My suggestion would be to insert a key management layer with email/2FA login, and later provide the opportunity for more granular key management.

Compelling Personalities

I'm sorry to say, that I'm not compelling enough of a personality to attract people here, and you and 99.99% of your contemporaries probably aren't either. Just a few compelling personalities would be enough to blow the doors wide open. And I'm not just talking about cross-posting. I'm talking about being present, of powering up a million STEEM like it was nothing, and then interacting. I feel just a few individuals like this would have a pied piper effect. So are these people being recruited? Whose job would it be to recruit these people and onboard them? Is there any effort being made in this area?

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You know; one of the social problem of this platform is that there are lot of jaded old timers here. They thought they did all the right things (and perhaps they did) but they just couldn't built up an account they way they expected. This is scale independent actually. What that leads to is a bunch of negativity. Which actually shows up on our trending page. One simple solution is the price. Move the price in the positive direction and lot of that will disappear I say.

True. The best outcome will be for their influence to decay over time.

I'll abstain from upvoting this comment until after your fan club discovers you have commented. ;-P

It's funny what 10 cents can do :)


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There aren't enough good opportunities to have fun on this platform a lot of times.

We're on the same page. Steem is unique, but has obstacles to usage. At least it got easier with Keychain, but people have to be made very aware that they have to look after their keys. As you say it may just take a few 'influencers' to take it viral. We can help bring them here.

Steem on and have a !BEER

Keychain is awesome, but doesn't solve the mobile problem. Steem really needs a platform agnostic centralized(as much as I hate to say it) SSO(single sign on) solution option with email login, 2FA, and account recovery. This would carry 99% of users into advanced status, where they could decide to take a greater ownership of their account. Perhaps there's an opportunity for integration with another project such as Civic.

It's all a matter of who you trust, but then people trust Facebook, Google, Paypal etc. We have to trust some developers to not rip us off.

From DAY 1, you can begin to document with an #introduceyourself post, which will instantly be monetized.

Only if they do it right. We are a bunch of unforgiving bastards.. is it the first attempt? Yes.. TICK, No.. CROSS. Is it really a new user, Yes.. TICK, No.. Cross.. etc...

I use these params to vote and resteem or not. More than often if I do it gets attention. That's a lot of power some of us get to wield.

This user gets it.. this other one may not. Get my meaning?

There's a ton of intro posts that sit there and get nothing. I don't want to be a serial resteemer so only the best get chosen.

If they all suck, I ignore them.

..'but they don't generally know how or what to present to us'.

The Facebook lot are lost here.

Even the worst ones get a nickel! ;)

Would be great to share this on Quora as a answer. Nice work

Thanks! That means I'll have to stop procrastinating on Quora account creation, but will do!

Document. Don't create.

I felt like I'm guilty of this. I felt like my presence is not enough because I'm so engrossed with the idea of making my posts beautiful. I agree that sometimes it's the process that makes things interesting and not the output itself.

Regarding Steem, the reason why I joined in the first place is because I think it's revolutionary and I don't understand why most people don't get it. Most of my friends left because of the Steem price so I thought they were just here for instant gratification. The idea of earning something immediately entices them while the idea of investing does not excite them. I'm actually excited of what the future holds for Steem. I'm excited to know where Steem will be in 2025 or in 2030.

What I find very difficult is convincing people to join Steem. When I tried to pitch Steem to my friends, they would just look at me with disbelief. Some would say they will try, but haven't. I guess I will just focus on myself and continue to share my contents on Twitter and other social media, for now.

I felt like my presence is not enough because I'm so engrossed with the idea of making my posts beautiful.

If you've developed that as a skill, there's nothing wrong with leveraging it

Regarding Steem, the reason why I joined in the first place is because I think it's revolutionary and I don't understand why most people don't get it.

I'm right there with you. We live in an instant gratification world right now. Those same people will come back in force the next bull market though! The people who stayed and laid the groundwork will benefit the most.

I guess I will just focus on myself and continue to share my contents on Twitter and other social media, for now.

At this rate, they will see how successful you are and will come rushing here in no time.

The negative perception.

I think the biggest hurdle in the way currently is all the negativity with what happened in the early days of steem and bid bots.

Getting people over that hurdle will go a long ways.

I agree. People inside this bubble sometimes don't realize the damage they are doing with their initiatives.

The good news, at least, is that some people are coming and it is growing. The more Facebook censors, the more people will be looking for places like Steem.

Yup, they will only try to tighten their grip as time goes on.

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Hey @joshman, give thanks for the kind words. I have been in the USA for 5 weeks visiting family and friends. I had little access to wifi while there, but now back in Suriname safe and sound. I was on Steem for nearly 2 years before ever deciding to make a post. I think this benefited my intro post greatly, as I had the time and awareness of how important that first post is. Many Steemians jump into this not knowing the importance of that first post, often overlooking it or racing through it.