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Press releases are a great way to get attention. Steemit Inc has been using them rather effectively throughout the year.

Yesterday, the company put out a PR about the release of the Smart Media Token Protocol which was picked up by some of the bigger sites.

The one I found it on was Yahoo Finance.

For those who are unaware, sending out a Press Releases usually entails going through a paid service. The fee given is to access the sites that follow it. It also makes things very public which is of concern when dealing with companies monitored by the SEC.

Press releases tend to be less fluff and marketing. While they are tool used for those purposes, there is usually some kind of announcement.

All of the major media sites constantly monitor the Press Releases coming out in an effort to get content to post.

I am not exactly sure why the company chose this time to make the announcement. The PR contained the fact that the release was on testnet, which started over a month ago. I would think that putting it out at that time would have been a better idea but it is good to see the publicity.

Having the story picked up by a site like Yahoo Finance is a great feather in one's cap. This is a site that ranks fairly high in the search engines. It also gets a fair bit of traffic while reaching outside the crypto-sphere.

Here is an interesting piece of the release.

Unlike other token-launching protocols, entrepreneurs using SMTs will benefit from the state-of-the-art properties that come from being powered by the Steem blockchain, including three-second block times, zero fees, and its 'Proof-of-Brain' algorithm, which autonomously distributes tokens to the most valuable members of a community. And because Steem was designed from the ground up to power web applications, SMTs will integrate easily into any established website, app, or platform, making it simple for mainstream creators and entrepreneurs to access the fastest-growing industry in fintech and immediately begin generating revenue at virtually no cost.

The emphasis was mine.

This is an attention grabber. It really drives home the idea of any website being able to incorporate the protocol to begin generating revenue at virtually no cost. What more could businesses be looking for?

When you think about it, SMTs are going to open up new revenue streams for existing websites. By implementing this feature, a website can become its own economy. This creates a host of possibilities that are presently absent from the existing model. Depending upon the different parties of interest, a token can create advantages for all of them.

Another aspect of the PR that is beneficial to get out there is this.

With SMTs, anyone can launch a powerful cryptocurrency with 3-second fee-less transfers, without having to write a single line of code.

The idea that Steem offers 3 second transaction time without a fee for the transfer is huge. Hopefully, this is a point that some of the developers will start to pick up on.

To read the full Press Release:

With SMTs, anyone can launch a powerful cryptocurrency with 3-second fee-less transfers, without having to write a single line of code.

Over the last couple weeks, we saw some publicity being garnered by Steem. This is one way to start attracting attention. Consistency is often the name of the game and the more Steem keeps appearing, the more eyes that will see it. Marketing tells us that it generally takes 7 contacts before someone will even remember a company's name.

With all that is taking place on Steem, there is a lot to promote.

As always, it all just keeps building upon itself.

2020 is going to be a fun year.

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Can't find the link to the press release?

No problem!

Thanks for covering for me @cadawg.

No problem, you should give me your posting key so I can fix it for you next time 😂😂😂

If you are going to ask for the key, you should ask for the active one.

It gives you a bit more control over the account.

Stop thinking small. LOL

If you're offering, go ahead! I've got a better idea though. You should reply to this comment with your owner key!

Sorry about that @mattclarke.

Added the link to the article.

It's going to be an interesting battle.

Patreon is more recognized as far as supporting creators, but only a certain percentage of what's give to creators actually makes it to creators.

I think the Basic Attention Token is also going to be a huge competitor to SMTs as all you have to do is register your website to start earning BAT, but that requires either showing your visitors how to sign up and use Brave/BAT and then getting them to give you there "earnings"

I still say one of the biggest draws to Steem is that you can earn Steem with no fiat required and then use that crypto to purchase or support other projects like Splinterlands

I think onboarding to a new social media site would be easier than convincing people to use a new browser and think that's where SMTs have the edge. Still interested to see what partners Steem has with the release of SMTs and can't wait to see how those partners are planning on taking advantage of SMTs.

There is another aspect to this that often gets overlooked when discussing cryptocurrency. It is a marketing tool that also helps with branding. A site can add its own cryptocurrency which will help to promote the brand.

Using BAT, while an effective system, does put everything into one pool. Customization is a big draw for Steem.

That said, I am optimistic about the potential for BAT and the entire Brave project.

Yeah I will agree with that. Using BAT as support for Taskmaster enterprises doesn't help to build the Taskmaster brand.

Using the Taskmaster Token does quite a bit more in helping to promote the brand of Taskmaster.

I think BAT and SMTs will both be helpful in onboarding people into crypto regardless and are great for the space.


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I’m not sure who makes these decisions but I’m sure there is a reason for doing it now, maybe they were trying to make sure there weren’t any problems first that would lead to negative press immediately afterwards. Or is testnet almost finished? Maybe they are timing it so that hype doesn’t die down between now and when the testnet finishes?

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The other thought I had @whatamidoing, is perhaps, being between Thanksgiving and Christmas means a slower news cycle.

Either way, it was released when it was and it is good to see the name getting out there.

Truly exciting! I used to specialize in press releases for small businesses to get them visibility, in my early days of marketing. It was much cheaper than advertising!

It looks like you intended to include the link but I don’t see it. I’d love to read it. I’m sure I can Google it, but just wanted to give you a heads up about adding the link. Thanks for putting this out!

Super. Thanks so much, @taskmaster4450!

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Perhaps a collaboration with BAT in the future? Considering the similarities, I'd really love that.

The original on prnewswire with link included can be seen here:

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