Crypto Myths Busted

10 months ago
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In this era of countless online opportunities, sensationalism is law, and seemingly, even more internet gurus are always ready to pounce on their next mark. Probably not all of them but surely a huge chunk of them.

Whether it's crypto, real estate, health, anything! So long as that industry has a sizeable market, they can bet your bottom dollar that they'll be making bank from it.

Such gurus seemingly rule the youtube algorithm and no one is safe from them.

Which is why, I was pleasantly surprised when I was recommended the channel way below.

It deals mostly with calling out such practices. Not only it's informative, but it's actually funny with plenty hints of sarcasm.

He doesn't just calling them out though, he first puts some skin in that specific game before making a conclusion. He talks to those knowledgeable in that particular market, gets the courses, actually attends the fancy webminars(if they let him) and becomes a miner, all to see if the hype is accurate.

Like in the interview below, he's discussing with a crypto connaisseur who not only sold him some mining equipment, but has also been educating him on the movement in general.

In it they discuss all that's crypto and blockchain. The truth, the lies, the misconceptions, and more. It's an interesting one so do check it out. Anyways, onto the video. But first, a small extract;


So cash has never been used for a drug deal?


You can't snif coke through a bitcoin that's for sure.