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The nature of hard things is that they are less likely to be chosen.

Your average person craves easy.

They want to find ways to do the things that they like to do with the least amount of friction possible.

In this sense, they love the idea of being handed success on a silver platter.

When in the truest sense of reality, this is the worst thing that can happen to you. Just look at any great inventor. Any great artist or even any great investor.

Wealth was not spoon fed to them. In fact, many came out of very hard fianncial and social situations.

What drove them forward was a desire to improve.

To improve themselves.

To improve at their craft.

Progress was their friend and "easy" is the enemy of that progress.

When things are hard and challenges are presented, we have 2 choices:

  1. give up and run in the other direction toward comfort.
  2. face the challenge and grow from the hardship. Win or lose, you learn either way.

I choose the 2nd approach every single day. Whether I am evaluating investments or going to the gym to work out. That is my life's mission -- to be my best self.

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