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"The Asteroid Files are an archive of my detailed, real-time accounts as a cryptocurrency trader. I am not one for posting frequently, but a friend told me to do a fun little series on how I trade, what I trade and why I trade. Maybe this could turn into something fun. Maybe not.

Either way, I'm going to enjoy myself and tie in some fun science fictiony type of stuff with my daily trading endeavors.

Hopefully I can either bring some direct value via entertainment or my sheer trading awesomeness. Regardless, anything you read in my files are not to be taken as financial advice, as that would be wildly irresponsible.

Invest at your own risk and seek help if you are not experienced. My posts are for entertainment purposes only, especially considering that the title of this series is about asteroids which has absolutely nothing to do with trading... or does it?"

Asteroids Portfolio Snapshot:


Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 12.09.01 AM.png

Sometimes, This is All It Takes


Something I find really interesting is the lack of conviction that many people have in chasing their dreams.

True, many people on this planet are great and well-rounded, but how many are living a life that is less than what they dream of?

Circumstances and luck have a lot to do with our start in this world, but we are in charge of our future in it.

One thing that I get from my friends all the time is this question of:

"why do you work so hard?"

"what's the point of working that hard?"

"is the return even worth it?"

These questions and more are the typical human response to hard work without a defined outcome.

Sometimes, a defined outcome is the last thing we need.

In fact, we need an undefined outcome.. something that requires faith and hard work and consistent effort... continual tests and ambitions that are unfulfilled in the moment..

Sometimes this is what we need to make the largest impact on the world and in our lives.

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time to make a impact for a better world

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