The Value of Hype

in steemleo •  9 months ago 

I have been asking myself this question lately, due to a lot of different data points I've been watching:

What is the value of hype?

What is the value of putting a lot of work into hyping up a product/launch and then dramatically unveiling an amazing new suite of products, features, services, etc.?

To me, the value is very high. There are plenty of data points to support this idea of being a great hype man. 2 of my favorite examples of people who have been able to build world-changing companies based on hype are Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

These 2 men are 2 of my greatest inspirations in life.

They are people I look up to. The equivalent of real-life superheroes, in my opinion.

Nobody is perfect. These guys aren't perfect.

But man, do they know how to hype a product launch. Jobs revolutionized mobile technology for all of us.

Elon is revolutionizing clean energy, space and cars for us today as well.

That's the value of hype when you follow it up with decisive and effective action.

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