Powering Up 20k out of 44k SPORTS - Steem Investment Blog #3

in LeoFinance •  4 months ago 

Here is my first Investment blog

Here is my second Investment blog

This is my third investment blog concerning my steem-engine token investment- SPORTS.

Few days ago SPORTS was really going down in price. It's beautiful to see it pump again at least with 0.00002 Steem. I see it as still a good time to invest as the price may shoot farther.

I decided to stake some more SPORTS token towards a higher stake. My steem journey has really revolved around @actifit due to the kind of work I do which requires enormous movements.

I was so happy to see that I had earned so much SPORTS token sharing my #actifit posts on Steem and I see it wise investing more on the tokens.

However, I am interested in accumulating more of the SPORTS tokens towards a million or so.

Getting more tokens to my stake would also help to curate the blogs of other new users that have quality presentations and that would be cool.

I am still going to increase my delegation pool to a curator who seems to understand curation rudiments probably better than I do.

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