I staked ~900 LEO to my curating leo account!

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leo tokens edited.png

I made some trades on the steem-engine market and I bought almost 900 leo tokens and I decided to stake them to my leo curating account! There is a screen from the transaction.

Anyway I got some Leo for curating people on steemleo, so I can say that I staked almost 900 leo tokens right now!

As you maybe saw I started undelegating my leo from my main account atnazo and now I don't have the leo power, because this process takes 7 days. I didn't expect that hf22 will be applied that fast after hours from the start!
After some days I will get back my leo on my account atnazo and then I will start unstack process to easy deliver leo tokens to my leo account!


Now I have only small part of my lion power, but don't worry I will back stronger with more power!

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  ·  11 months ago (edited)

All comments will be rewarded with my upvote :)
I will vote too from @atnazo when my leo delegation will back!

It is cool you believe in SteemLeo, my favorite tribe.

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jestem taki dumny!