Crypto20 - The First Tokenized Crypto Index Fund

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Crypto20 allows you to purchase a single token on the ETH blockchain that provides you access to 20 top performing coins. Index funds have been shown to beat the average managed fund. With so many cryptocurrencies to chose from, this index method allows you to invest in several at once.

Crypto20 does not charge broker fees or exit fees and there is no minimum investment.

Here's a chart of the current cryptos that are indexed into this fund:

half of list.JPGother half.JPG

The team produces Quarterly Reports. The latest report from Qtr 1 2019 can be found here:
qtr report.JPG

The fund also stakes the NEO and DASH coins and the funds generated from the staking are added to the total fund value every time the funds are rebalanced.

You can withdraw your tokens directly for ETH at any time. But you must have a whitelisted ETH address in your account, which can only be done by a verified user. Which means you have to fill out the KYC information for your profile.

The fund was started with an initial investment of $10,000 on January 1, 2016. The current fund value is $29,593,756. The current cost of the C20 token is $.80197 and here's a screenshot of the current Net Asset Value:


I have sent off my KYC information and am waiting to get my verified status. I don't need it to invest, I already have the account, but I will need it to whitelist my ETH address in order to be able to withdraw. I would love to hear YOUR opinion of this Crypto Index Fund.

The company website is


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