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It took about more than 2 years for me to grow my account to this milestone and I am happy obviously about it because steem although it is cheap right now is very hard to come-by and a pain to sell as it will affect the price if everyone sells what they would earn.

I did sold some of my steem and SBD more than a year ago and the money that I earned I am using right now which is the reason I am just collecting any steem or sbd that I can while I still have savings. Of course I would not collect steem permanently because there will come a time that I will need money.

But I am on a self-funding campaign about my surgery/medical goals that is why I am just consistently posting in steem communities and tribes, I even do digital paint when I am inspired to do so because it is fun to do such artistic work digitally especially if the result comes out beautiful, it is satisfying and fulfilling too.

Time is my investment about this milestone and lots of it, the secret is just to share your passions in the community, do what you love to do and document it as a post in the steem blockchain. In that way you can enjoy using steem and meeting lots of friends that have the same likes, thoughts, feelings hobbies, etc.

I would like to grow my steem power as bigger as I can and inspire other to do the same to help with the value of steem. In fact I am just doing 100% power-up most of the time even in my comment reward setting so that my steem power could go much bigger. It has been a very fruitful year for me because of steem and it adds hope, value, and color into my life. Let us all support steem by powering-up and joining the #spud campaign as well initiated by @streetstyle and supported by lots of others like @xpilar, etc.

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Huge Milestone, very inspiring and empowering.

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Thank you @metzli although some people think otherwise but always look at the bright and positive side of things.

May the blockchain me a source of inspiration, therapy, wealth and salvation for you my friend.

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That's quite an accomplishment!

It is hard and a snail's pace to collect steem but I am very thankful about it @willowwisp and it has been a great and productive couple of years. : D

Congratulations you deserve it. :)

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Thank you @chesatochi :D

You deserved yan bro pinaghirapan mo yan

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Congratulation on your huge milestone

That's a great achievement 😁 I hope to say the same for my account someday.

Yes @meditations, just persevere and get inspired. :D

Wow! In the future you will be a Rich person if bitcoin go to the moon. :D

That is more than impressive, well done my my friend! Keep it up!

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it's a HUGE result for 2 years! CONGRATS! and move on:)

Congratulations! This is a very great accomplishment! 18k? Whoa! That's a lot of Steem. Keep up the good work. I know it must have been really hard to have gotten this far. You are a man of will power!

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That is pretty darn good .. too bad the steem price is so low...

Congratulations. !tipuvote

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