Solid Day 14 #ShakingSats Now Breaking 10k Satoshi Per Day 👌 Increasing Daily Payout $1 In BTC Every 13 Days 🙌

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🔥 When Will The Smoking Streak End? 🔥

What is your time worth to you? Myself it is the least available thing to me making it the most valuable. There is just never enough time in a day to do everything that I want. Earning online is largely hindered for my by this yet the little bit of promotion I had done for ShakePay has unlocked the #ShakingSats feature for me rewarding an ever increasing amount of free Bitcoin daily!

Works out perfect for me, out smoking my joints I shake my phone and before the cloud I
exhale dissipates I have gotten free Satoshi's.... now at above 10k which means that's $1 a day at current prices and another $1 a day every 13 days after that .... talk about indefinite ROI!!!! I just hope there is no limit to this #ShakingSats streak 🤞

Another #ShakingSats reward while out smoking my cannabis earning Free Bitcoin daily by shaking my phone 👌 With a steady 630 Satoshi increase and the rising value of Bitcoin I am now earning $1/day in BTC 💪 and every 13 days I increase the value earned by $1 🤯

Today’s Reward

10,290 Satoshi(0.0001029 BTC) = $1.10 CAD(@10,783 CAD/BTC)

Reward To Date

86,770 Satoshi(0.0008677) = $9.35 CAD(@10,783 CAD/BTC)

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💖 Canadians Rule 💖

This is a Canadian exclusive so enjoy everyone, sign up and share with your friends and family. You need to verify your account plus make a referral to someone whom does the same. As one of the only fully legal to operate in Canada exchanges it’s been my prime choice since discovering it! Need some help with referrals? Tag ShakePay on social media in your posts 👌 they are pretty darn supportive!

Check Out ShakePay Here

With my referral link above or using my code “SINZ6RJ” we both get a $10 bonus on your first $100 purchase.

ShakePay Exchange

  • 10 Minute KYC Signup
  • Buy & Sell BTC/ETH In CAD
  • Mobile App With Limit Orders & Price Alerts
  • Load/Withdrawal VIA E-Transfer
  • Commission Free
  • Verified Referrals Earn $10 CAD Bonus On First $100 Purchase
  • Earn Daily With Referrals VIA #ShakingSats
  • Responsive Support
  • Send Funds Instantly To Other ShakePay Users
  • “Shakepay is licensed as a Money Service Business by FINTRAC and the AMF to operate in all Canadian provinces and territories”

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That is awesome. Loving #shakingsats

Me too buddy ❤️

I’m making most $$$ these days from Shakepay and Hideout TV.... YouTube has dropped to $30 / month. Happens every January. The problem with Hideout is that you need to post a new video every day to keep views up on your videos. The short 1 minute videos are doing the best, as soon as you have a few Nature, cooking, travel videos let me know and I can help you get on Hideout. Definitely worth the time and effort,.... an extra $200 USD a month.

Yea I am really enjoying ShakePay... found out if you miss a day it resets 😅 figures do it early before it really hurts

as of now I have got to many other things on the go to really worry about creating another group of content for another platform... I am looking at it in respects to which ones do I actually care to use 🤔 nevermind be rewarded from...

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