New Tourist Tax For Those Heading To St. Lucia

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Around the world, within the tourism industry taxes have been on the rise.

According to a previous OECD report it's alleged that there have been steep tax increases in recent years among OECD member countries, including places like Australia, Belgium, Chile, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, and others. And in a number of places you will see new charges being added to your bill that governments have been eager to put into effect, whether it be for funding new infrastructure initiatives, helping to control over-tourism, and other reasons.

Tourism is a major economic driver of jobs and growth around the world and if more communities want to tap into the potential of that, then they should seek to inject more freedom into the mix. But instead, what they can't help but come up with is more taxes for now.

Back in 2019, the PM of St. Lucia presented a budget plan for 2020 that included a new change for travelers, which would mean a new tax in the tourism market. That hotel head tax allegedly is expected to start being charged this year.

This new 'accommodation fee' will be applied to those who are staying over in the region, those individuals will have to pay the new accommodation fee.

The fee for accommodations with average daily rates above 120, will be US $6 per guest, and those with lower average daily rates will charge US $3, this fee is expected to be charged nightly to those visiting St. Lucia. The fees are expected to be paid to the hotel or whichever accomodation provider the individual is staying with, then ultimately turned over to the government through the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority. This tax is expected to be charged to non-sharing platform accommodation providers.

By April 1st of this year that new tax is expected to finally come into place and start being charged.

The tax also applies to those who are 16 years of age or older.

It is alleged that the money will make its way toward sponsoring destination marketing and development for the region. They will be looking to market to specific markets like the UK, Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Those in the tourism industry have lofty goals to drastically improve tourism numbers, they saw record tourism numbers in 2019, there has been impressive growth with stayover arrivals continuing to climb. In 2018, they reportedly saw more than 1.8 million visitors to the region and that was a record setting year for them.

According to the Tourism Minister, this new tax they want to collect is going to help them free up some needed funds for other government programs, they want the taxes to maintain the tourism market.

Future Impact On Tourism

It probably isn't much of a change to prompt anyone to consider an alternative vacation destination, one that might not charge such a tax or charge less of one, as most might not pay much attention to an extra $3 or $6 on their hotel bill. As far as competition goes, this new tax is said to be one of the lower options in the market.


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Thanks for the update which I was nof aware of. Always enjoy reading your up to date information because I always learn what is going on in the world.

thanks for putting a big smile on my face tonight! apprec the comment :)

No matter where you go these days, your getting squeezed.
If you've got the money to travel, you have money and it
seems charged extra. You can afford it. Either food, transportation,
events, historical venues, or you name it.
Seems there is always an additional charge.
Pay Up

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that's it!

I love the island of St. Lucia and the people on it. Although there is much poverty when you get off the touristy areas or resorts, I think the tax should help build a proper infrastructure so they can continue their growth. But, so many times, the islands never see a penny of that money.

The tourism has boomed in this little island, due mainly to the cruise ships adding them to a lot of itineraries and when they dock, they literally unleash thousands of people into the port cities where they usually have money to burn. (but, honestly, some of these people are so cheap and are looking for a 1950's type price!)

But, I do love these little developing islands and have seen such huge changes in the last ten years.

Nice piece!


haven't been there, isn't my first choice to visit in the Caribbean, but it looks nice 🌴

Not my first choice either, just on the itinerary. I must say that my favorite is Curacao . :)

have you been all over the region? would be convenient to take a multi-country cruise and get a taste of several in one go 😆✌️

Yes! That is exactly what I have done, many times over. It gives me a five star vacation and a taste of the islands. Some days, it is just what kind of down time I need. Plus, you get to see what you want. I actually get away from the tourist areas as that is not the real-life and rent a car or hire a driver. Most of the Caribbean Isles, with the exception of very few are very poor, almost third world in many cases. But, what the tourists see are resorts and beach, none of which usually help their economy. Thanks and have a great night!(see this weeks post on the Royal Caribbean ship)

thx for tip! :) always apprec

Always, my friend! My pleasure!

Was thinking of going there, well now the tax is one less reason for me to consider St. Lucia. Already over charging compared to other islands and now a tax on top of it. Rather spend my cash in Jamaica and pay the VAT and service fee like everyone else.

Let's use it in a Jahm campaign. Come to Jamaica, we will give you $6 per night in Jahm if you post about your day

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whatever floats yer boat ✌️

Tourism tax is ok but to charge nightly is kind of excessive. A one time fee on entry alone is better I think. But if they just add the new taxes to the hotel cost without the visitor really noticing ( fine print on the receipt ) and no doubt that is how they are going to do it. I see no problem with it though as I can imagine most Saint Lucians have to pay outrageous fees to apply for a visa to go to the countries where most of the tourists come from. ( And they aren't getting the $160-250 back if the visa is denied).

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hey, we gotta feed babylon somehow! right? 😜✌️more...MORE!🐮

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