Marketcap of Steem based companies- a speculative analysis: Part#1

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Recently, I have produced an analysis to show how undervalued Steemit Incorporation is. It inspired to do another analysis on other steem based companies. The marketcap analysis is my own opinion, not exactly backed by data. However, I tried to use publicly available historical data to make my case.

Steemit Incorporation ($10M-$1B): STINC is currently sit at $10M which is 100X lower than its all time high valuation back in January 2018. STINC do not have its own token but holds 65M Steem. Since Steem code is open source and STINC do not have patents, its other assets are not counted towards its marketcap. Website:

Sprinterland ($5-100M): Sprinterland recently recorded $3.86M marketcap based on the all card values. Few tokens such as DEC, ALPHA and BETA are traded in @steem-engine. However, with growth projection and future appreciation of Steem's price, Sprinterland can easily surpass $100M marketcap. Website:

Appics ($1-50M): Appics have implemented dual blockchain solution for their token APX. They are trying to compete with Instragram with blockchain solution. APX coin is traded at @steem-engine with marketcap of $17M. However, if it keeps its development going, it can reach $50M marketcap too. Website:

Dtube ($1-10M): DTube have launched their own chain. However, videos still can be uploaded form steem blockchain. They have their own Token called TUBE. Initially, DTube had a craze when Steem was top at the marketcap. On that time, many Youtubers had joined Dtube. Most has left, still DTube have potential to break $10M marketcap in near future. Website:

Steem-engine ($1-10M): @steem-engine is providing service for STO, NFT, SE tokens. Its token ENG is traded at @steem-engine and has marketcap of $500K. With Steem's value appreciation and future upgrades, it can reach $10M marketcap too. Website:

SteemPeak ($1-10M): SteemPeak is probably the best frontend for the Steem blockchain. It also have integrated tribes from @steem-engine. It does not have any native token. But its front-end is closed source and can generate earning through ICO sells and future ad revenue. Website:

Steemhunt ($500K-10M): Steemhunt is a product hunting blog service. Recently, it has introduced review services for the product. Bloggers can get reward in HUNT token. HUNT is currently usable and trade-able at @daybit exchange. It has a great potential since team behind it is very active and innovative. Webite:

In the next part#2, I am going to analyze the following companies.


Actifit: $500K-10M

Dlike: $500K-5M

Steemcoinpan: $500K-1M

Buildteam (dlease): $500K-1M

YooDoo: $200K-1M

e-steem: $200K-1M

Steemleo: $150K-1M

tasteem: $150-1M

Sportstalk: $150-1M

NextColony: $100-500K

Partiko: $100-500K

EpicDice: $100-500K

RoadToRiches: $100-500K


Dtrade: $100-200K

Dlux: $100-200K

CreativeCoin: $50-200K

PalNet: $50-200K

Vimm: $50-100K

Do you think that I missed a major company or project, please comment below. Or, if you think the valuation is wayward, please write your observation too.

Disclaimer: This opinion is not a financial advice, it my personal perspective and opinion. Please seek professionals for financial decisions. This opinion is only for educational purpose.

Image sources: Most images are open sourced (e.g. Pixabay, Wikimedia etc.) with Creative common license. Some images are used with due courtesy to respected owners.

Thanks for reading.
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