Assaulting the LEO orderbook (Vol. II)

in steemleo •  7 months ago 

As the title says, I'm taking my chance to refill again my bags with a added chunk of LEO stack.

Seems that someone took my words from my last post and decided to place a nice sell wall at 0.222 STEEM/LEO.

leoorderbook prebuy.png

And yep, I'm taking my chance to reach 15K LEO levels.


And this is how it shows the orderbook exactly after my purchase of ~1900 LEO:

leoorderbook postbuy.png

Now it seems a little fairer battle hehe.
(Obv all of these LEO are going to be powered up and insta-delegated to my curation acc. @empoderat.leo


Don't forget to reach to me on Twitter for more crypto related thoughts.

Also, If you're actively posting on Steemleo let me know and (maybe) I'll drop around to curate some of your content.

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Assault successful 🦁

For now the lion is going back to their tree, might come later for some steemzebras in leodex...

Nice bites :)

Planning to slow down a bit right now and focus on building things... but LEO tokenomics are frankly so attractive to ignore purchasing a bit of a chunk.

The liquidity is almost 0... if someone with big pockets decides to go in... or someone fat-fingering... the price can go nuts.

I'd love to see the @blocktvnews content get a bit more love on Leo, they're putting out solid high quality content and want to see this succeed on Steem and Leo!

followed @blocktvnews and upvoted their latest 5 posts. I'll be sharing some love from now onwards :)

I'm trying to hit dolphin status before the end of the year, but once I get my 5k Steem definitely going to start growing my LEO account.

I'll definitely be joining in on this battle.

You're near mate. Keep us updated!

It's a bit more of ~50$ and you're there.

Hello @empoderat I just followed you on twitter with the @mistakili username. Nice to connect with you and yes I do post through steemleo

Post some quality stuff and I'll be sharing some love for sure.

I see you're from Nigeria! :)