are Pro Splinterlands players coming?

11 months ago
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Every week @herons-unlimited brings out this post on the revenue made from the accounts that are being rented out to players and where the DEC revenue is split between owner and player.

I have started to keep track of my 2 rented out accounts
you can find my first post about this here

And my weekly income numbers are the ones below.

But then I started thinking about the world outside

These are weekly figures and these are numbers that are small for now even though there are other accounts that might be performing a lot better on higher tiers these do provide a nice bonus. DEC was the saviour of the game and made it really take off even in a bear market at bottom prices.


What if steem was at 1 dollar?

This then does assume that the dec/steem ratio stays the same

Now assume that these are average figures and that a player with Steem being at 1 dollar can make an income of 20 dollars per week. That adds up to about 80 dollars per month.

There are a lot of countries in the world where 80 dollars per month is a nice income and take into account that this is only playing the daily quests on one account which takes approx 1 hour per day.

Then things start looking differently all together. I can see players making a nice living of this. Even now at the prices today the players made roughly 3 dollars each this week.

then take a look at this

This would allow the people in Venezuela to make 12 dollars per month playing Splinterlands for one hour per day playing one account

That is 6x minimum wage at current Steem and DEC values

And Venezuela is not the only country in the world where this is the case. A lot of those people do not have much but they do have a smartphone. @aggroed and @yabapmatt announced that the @steemmonsters game will be getting its mobile version soon

Splinterlands is on pace to launch a mobile app in the December/January timeframe. Our plan is prioritize new user acquisition in the near future, but we see the mobile app as a critical component. 70% of some of our target markets are primarily on mobile devices. Additionally, the quick nature of the gameplay is well suited towards a mobile / on-the-go environment.

read full post :

So I think that even with current low prices being able to play an account might help them a lot even if it does not provide a full income. I am currently looking into setting up a third set but I need a few more summoners to do that. I have been playing it myself for now since it does not really give super returns and isn't balanced out properly but that one also will be going out soon I hope and hopefully be able to provide a bit of extra income for someone that can really use it.

Let us hope we can have true pro players soon