My Steem + Tribes Investment Journey

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Ever since I joined the platform last June 2019, amazing things had happened in my journey here as a Steemian. It was actually just a Sportstalk focused career but then again I realized Steem isn't just more of a tribe - there's a lot of opportunities and Dapps there that can help me enjoy my stay as a Steem user.

I always believed the potential of Steem as a currency that will empower lots of aspects. Tribes have been realized for months now and its been helping people build their own communities. Leo, Pal, Sportstalk, and Neoxian are some of the communities that were successful as a tribe.

With Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) coming, more platforms will be tokenized. I'm guessing that the power will then now be given back to the audience. Imagine being incentivized on your activity of a certain media site and invest to get more ROI. As long as that token holds value and purpose, it will be worth investing.

My Investment Journey

So as you can see now on my wallet, just a couple of **Steems** away and I'll be reaching 6,000 Steem Power - an amazing feat for a novice. This is a combination of both my earnings in Steemit and other tribes + money out of my pocket I took advantage when Steem's price got around $0.12 each. I truly believe its undervalued now and it should be sitting around $0.50 - $1.00, not that much because of some ninjamining happening before.

But as per my journey, it was great. I was mainly hyper active with Sportstalk, where I have now more than 1.7 million Sports staked. Amazing right? What's amazing is that most of my Steem Power come from my Sports earnings. If I didn't converted my Sports earnings (some) to Steem, I would've got the 2.5 million Sports Power in no time. It's an amazing community that everyone should try. Then I was introduced to [Steemleo](

At first, I couldn't find myself to be belong in this community since all of my topics are Sports related and rarely investment but I then realized I've been doing investment activities in Steem for a couple of months now. Take for example my stake in Sports and Steem, these are investments that I gamble my personal earnings in the hopes of getting more returns. Right?

Not to mention, I've been holding coins waiting for them to pump a little then sell (stock in BTC) and then wait for some news that will dip its BTC price, pretty basic right? But thankfully some of it were really successful, but I've sold them to purchase Steem :).

I'd like to know how will Steem go for the next months of probably a year. I think I'll be spending more **money out of the pocket** to try to gamble my faith with Steem. I'm expecting around $700 bucks coming from my pocket to purchase more Steem and wait for it to increase a little more in price because as what I always say, **$0.14** for Steem is pretty much undervalued!

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Really a very interesting and informative article. It will motivate people to lean towards investment in crypto, specially in steem and it's tribe.

It will help us to earn more in long term

Yeah and make sure to inform them about SMTs and Communities :)

I've been accumulating as well since i see a big future for STEEM over the next few years. It's a steal at this price and if e keep developing at this rate for the next few years will be worth a hell of a lot more. While i have bough some STEEM the great thing is that you can have fun while earning it as well.

Indeed, I too. As long as my work can support my needs, my earnings here are stored and powered up :)

great story on your journey here on the Steem blockchain. I always love hearing how people came to Steem and what makes them stay. It's a tough path, but I agree with you in that the future looks good. That and the community are what have kept me here all these years. Looking forward to seeing more great posts from you, thanks and welcome to 🦁

Thanks so much for the support @leo.voter. This made my journey more exciting :)

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