Time to buy cheap battle tokens?

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I guess I found a good entry point. Battlegames crashed. I think it's time to think about buying some tokens.

First of all, you should look at the overall capitalization, which is not big compared to other projects like the Steemleo or ZZAN.

On the other hand, a lassecash is cheaper.
I'm not sure about the thematic focus of lassecash, but I suppose it is weaker than the games.

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Зачем они?

  ·  last year (edited)

Its because the first payouts have arrived and people are selling, it will stabilise more soon

#spt #palnet #sct #battle

Great time to enter. Although, in the world of cryptocurrency everything is unpredictable.
#spt #palnet #sct #battle #jjj #aaa #actnearn #dtc #weedcash #zzan #sportstalk #steemleo

Battle did no airdrop, why did the token fall like that, what makes you think it will rise again enough to give you profit...

I'd like to know your thoughts