SPUD 7 - Crossed the 20k mark

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It wasn't long ago I was posting about crossing 15k, and since then about every couple of weeks I've been buying in little batches. I wasn't planning on buying any today actually, but when I saw it was SPUD, I just went ahead and pulled the trigger.

Relative to when I first started, Steem costs practically nothing right now. While we're in the lows that I never imagined we would ever see, I want to grow as much as possible. If for whatever reason, everything went wrong here, Communities were a bust, SMT's went nowhere, all the other projects failed, exit scammed, or just faded into obscurity, honestly I could live with that. I wouldn't have any regrets. I would still look back on this as a fun and rewarding experience and would move on with life feeling like I learned a lot, met cool people, and acquired a new and interesting chapter in the "Book of Midlet".


on the flip side, if I were to say Steem is lagging, I'm going to just see where things go, or this place sucks, I'm leaving, or any of the other reasons people end up quitting(some very valid btw), THEN Steem turns around, crypto turns around, or someone creates the killer app for Steem, whatever or however it happens, Steem ends up becoming wildly successful, I would regret it for the rest of my life. I don't think a day would go by where I wouldn't be pissed at myself for not taking the shot. I think I'd end up like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.


And to be perfectly honest, the thing that excites me the most about having Steem isn't one day cashing it out, it's using it. It's building communities, having the ability to affect change, having the ability to want to do something and making it happen. Like that post a few posts back about the Japanese animators making $500 a month. If Steem was back to all time highs, I'd be able to do a lot for that community single handedly(not that I'd have to I'm sure), but that's insanely exciting to me. So I'll keep posting, keep buying and keep growing. Hope you'll join me and help make this place into what a lot of us know it can be.


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Great mindset and good strategy to buy in small chunks. I’m the same as you - I started posting at the all time high and so this Steem is so cheap!

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Congrats on getting to 20k. I feel the exact same as you have written about in this post. If I saw $100 dollar STEEM at some stage and had left due to the low prices or sold because of some of the issues we have here it would be devastating.

If the system goes down at least we were trying to do something different and I could live with that. So instead we fix and grow. Engage and grow. It wouldn't take much to make a massive difference just a reason for people to start using STEEM in real life. Whether it's that killer app or a big business taking it. It wouldn't take much and i'm glad we have this chance to grow while the markets are fucked.

20k is huge!
I feel the same - I don’t feel I have much to lose at these prices. It’s a small investment that I can take the hit on if it all falls apart.
But the flip side looks like a powerful thing to be a part of, so I’ll hodl ⚡️

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Great post @midlet expressing the sentiment of many here, and thanks for mentioning and supporting #spud making this #spud7 even better. Crypto is here to stay and so is the Steem Blockchain. I truly believe there is another round coming for most crypto, and Steem will be one of those gaining big time because of the tech value and more importantly the social media network (think users)aspect combined with blockchain will take it to the moon!

Congratulations on making 20K !
That’s a seriously great achievement!
I am glad to see I am not alone in my faith in the longterm health of the platform and you are a good exam to others.
Have a great weekend!

Thanks @shortsegments! Appreciate it :)

Congrats. 20k!! Nice.

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Thank you for posting from the https://steemleo.com interface 🦁

20k -- WOW! I just crossed 1k and it was really something -- good for you being twenty times happier!