Steem is about to get a LOT better.

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If you haven't been watching the Steemfest live streams you should. Tons of great presentations that will get you pumped about what's coming down the pipe for Steem and some of our favorite apps/dapps.

That's all good and I'm looking forward to seeing some of those things come to fruition, but the number one thing I wanted to get a sneak peek on was Communities, and I did, or we did, whatever.


One of the biggest and arguably THE biggest problem with Steem is content discovery. I think this is the biggest problem when it comes to Steem as a content platform, maybe not as blockchain tech or as an investment overall, but regardless, it's a huge problem.

For a while now the word on the street was that Communities was supposed to address this, but it really wasn't clear exactly what Communities was or what they would look like. Today we got our first peek at Communities and you can see a preview in the video above. Here are a few key features.

  • Starting a Community will cost the amount of creating an account(around 3 Steem ie nothing practically)
  • You "own" your community. You can assign mods, mute people, create rules and guidelines, etc.
  • You can launch an SMT around your Community.
  • You can just have your Community on Steemit or you can also have your own separate frontend for it.

This is a big one

  • When you post in a Community, that post doesn't show up on your blog by default, but you can resteem it to your blog.

The reason I think that last tidbit is really powerful is because we can finally use Steem as true social media. If there is a chat community, or a meme community, you don't have to worry about polluting your blog with low value posts, they'll just live in the Community where you posted them.

So the big idea here though is that this should fix content discovery. I'm still shocked at how well the EIP worked, within a few weeks bidbots were basically done. Abusers were turning over a new leaf, people were and are downvoting like crazy. I shutter to think that content discovery might also just get fixed as well, just like that. We'll still need to fill these Communities with people, but we'll actually be READY for people now. This is super exciting to see. It's all finally happening. Hold on Steemians for a little longer. The Steem shall rise again.

Enjoy the rest of Steemfest for all who are there and all us losers just watching. See you all in the next post!

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I just don't understand why they made making a Community so cheap! Doesn't make sense.

The only reason is costs anything is because a new account is created when you create a community. It does seem like a missed opportunity to at least burn some Steem. The only thing I think of is that it's cheap now but what if our wildest dreams come true and Steem hits $20, then it would be $60 to create a community and everyone would say it's ridiculous how much it costs t create a community. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I'm not sure what happens to the 3 Steem you spend to create the Community, but I assume it gets burned.

Hmm, I think I'm in favor of it being pretty cheap. Steem is a global community. I live in the US and $100 is something I could afford no problem, but in other parts of the world that's a LOT of money. Those people could ask the community for help and maybe that would work, but the truth is, I don't personally care about most peoples random communities and I imagine most Steemians wouldn't either. I think the real value add will be getting LOTS of people on the platform and all those people will need RC's to transact. If some random community that I don't care about manages to onboard 10k users that all are doing their own thing that doesn't interest me, it's still good for all of us. I think we should make these first steps as frictionless as possible because once they're here, we can monetize them.

Yeah, I haven’t thought of the RC impact. I’ll have to see it in action. In other words, when I can lease my RC’s out for gain (I never use them much), I’ll get excited about it.

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I agree that 100$ (>500 Steem) would be quite a hurdle, think of small communities like insect keepers or maybe residents of a specific town or area.
The more small communities we attract, the better.

But they’ll just create the community to squat on it and then leave

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This is a common feature of all social media. Also facebook has millions of ghost accounts.

I think the behind the hood name of the community will be a random string, so more than one user could make a community about a specific genre.

Even a burn of 20SBD would be nice to see. It's not much for anybody wanting to start their own project or community on STEEM and a few thousand of them would make a big difference.

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