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As I was scrolling down my feed page I came across to another quit announcement from a fellow Steemian. Not a rage quit or anything of the sort, quite the opposite actually. He blamed himself and himself only and because he is feeling demotivated at the moment he decided to take a short(?) break.

We all need that break from time to time...

He is a very decent guy who always keeps a low profile. Although I ain't gonna name names, one could easily understand that he would be more than happy if his blog drew more attention and some extra rewards came his way.

A couple of minutes later I came across to another post whose author had the exact opposite mentality on that matter. The same mentality I have also actually. Even though he was holding 1/5 of the SP the first author possessed he couldn't even imagine himself staying away from Steem and losing possibly the opportunity of a lifetime.

Being consistent and able to produce content on daily basis isn't exactly easy. There have been a lot of cases where I couldn't write a single line, yet, maybe because I keep my blog a little more casual compared to others I always come up with an idea.

To be honest with you, I was kinda surprised to see that I have made 770 posts (this one is 771) till now. Take under consideration that I am a member of the Steem family less than 2 years, 22 months to be more precise. That being said it is more than one post per day. Does it mean that I haven't been absent not even a single day? Of course not. There have been days that I didn't publish anything, but only a handful of them.

I don't know about you but I kinda treat Steem as one of the biggest opportunities I had in life and despite the fact that I wasn't around since the very beginning, aka -> in 2016, I still believe that I am among the first adopters. And so are you...And whenever I feel that something is worth all the trouble, I make no second thoughts and try to be as consistent and persistent as possible.

Living in a first world country, my earnings from Steem in terms of USD / EURO are insignificant compared to the time I spend around here. Is 2$ - 3$ - 5$ enough to put a smile on my face? Yes. And that's because the price of Steem will not always be 0.14$...

In my eyes every steem token is worth more than 10$ and that is how I treat every single steem I earn. After all, I am not here to cash out even if for some random reason Steem was sitting at 10$ tomorrow morning. Instead I power up everything.

I was fortunate enough to see all the amazing things people with serious amounts of SP could do back in the early days of 2018...If you were here, you know what I am talking about...if wouldn't believe...

Just a hint...A whale's vote back then was enough to make anyone smile for a whole week...

I am sure we will have the chance to revive these moments. After all, we survived this bear market and actually, we will be stronger when the bull wake up. With all the upcoming changes that will be implemented when the testnets for SMT's and communities are over, I can only imagine how much attention Steem will draw...

So don't be discouraged by the lack of engagement and the drop in daily activity.

That's only temporary...

Have a great one people.

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Wish I had the time to do more on steem. Well I am doing more curation and reading, but missing out on writing because of time. That's life at the moment.

I also see steem at a €10 price, so it is an opportunity. Make the most of it while you can 😁

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I rarely have spare time lately as well so I know the feeling.

It just happened to be my day off today and managed to post twice since...I don't even remember when. Curation -thank God- is now a thing at least so as long as you are active it's a win - win situation too.

The beauty of Steem is we are kind of like ants.

One ant leaves another comes. Even the Queen ant (ned) can leave.

We just churn forward 3 seconds at a time.


Speaking of Ned...isn't he in Thailand? Haven't seen him in any video...Is he even a part of at the moment?

I don't think he is a daily part of SteemIt Inc anymore. He wasn't there.

I think that is perfectly fine.

Admire your constant optimism. Right now I guess I'm kind of a hybrid of the two persons you describe.

'Don't waste your time, or time will waste you', as you know is my slogan.
What I earn in a month here is (even with Steem at $10), still less than I make right now in less than 2 days of work in my daily regular work.
For that reason I will not bend over backwards myself to squeeze out some posts that gives me A. peanuts and B. only a handful of visitors who "appreciate" the efforts I've made.

Don't worry, won't quit. And will continue being on here on a daily basis. But will adjust my activities here quite a bit.
After all: this should be (and stay) a fun trip ...

Man I know that there is real life out there as well. It is definitely supposed to be fun and rewarding, and trust me ...with steem at 10$ you won't need to post at would be more than enough with your stake...

PS. I highly appreciate your content :)

I have the same mindset <3 Although I needed to be less active on Steem for the past 1-2 months I feel like I want to be baaaaaaaack and have at least 5 but preferrably 6/7 posts a week again. Who knows. I'm also building stuff offline, so there's a lot of distraction currently. But activity is low so opportunity for is... very high.

Keep on rocking it @mindtrap!

But activity is low so opportunity for is... very high.

It is indeed. But when it comes to real life priorities vs steem, real life should always be the winner.

Indeed there are they were the inspiration does not come, I myself have decreased the "daily production" to the 25% just because sometimes is difficult to share something but good times will be back and then all of us will be laughing about the present times. Keep being active.

Can't wait for those good time man. My only experience of good times is a ten day period when I was newcomer and din't know shit...


Thank you for your thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read it!

My pleasure