In order for Tribes to grow people need to...

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...start treating them the very same way they treat Steem. Do I have your attention? Good. I'll keep this one short but trust me the message will be crystal clear.

The oldest of all Tribes is only a few months old. We are at the very beginning of this wonderful journey that inspired so many people to keep on trying and being active. And they launched the moment a big percentage of the daily active users had lost their hopes on steem...

I don't even know how many Tribes exist at the moment...I lost counting...But they haven't stopped popping up. This is progress and development. And it makes me really happy and optimistic regarding their future.

But there is one thing that makes me feel sad too. Many people are "killing" their rewards. And by killing I mean the moment they receive their payouts they move their tokens on steem-engine to trade them for Steem. Purchasing more steem is always good but it's a double edged knife in this occasion.

And it kinda reminded me a post from @acidyo a few weeks ago, where he was explaining himself regarding people he supported over the years and they kept powering down their steem rewards, as if support is guaranteed...or lasts forever.

I know that it's nearly impossible to be involved in more than 3 Tribes and consume and curate content equally well. You must have either plenty of free time or be a magician. So focus where you believe in most. If you are just using 10 tags to earn as much as possible and at the same time you're selling off your rewards I think that you're most likely hurting those Tribes...Of course there is a buyer for every seller out there...but is this really what you dreamt of for those Tribes? An endless trading game?

Believe it or not there are people who have massive rewards in specific Tribes and they have zero tokens vested. In fact some don't even have a single token in "liquid form" either.

How do I know?

I check wallets. Exactly the way @nonameslefttouse does.

How long will it take until those who support your "great content" realize that if your PAL...LEO...CCC and so on tokens worth shit so do mine?


I am an official curator for the @steem.leo Tribe and because I really do care about it I have to confess that great content isn't enough for me. That's the reason some authors receive lower % of votes from me. Because I know...that all the claimed rewards will end up on steem engine and will be sold for pennies...

Tribes operate the very same way the steem blockchain does. So unless people start staking some of their rewards in order to increase the demand therefor the price too....Tribes will end up know what I was about to say next, but I'll behave myself.

And to be crystal clear. This is the way I work. There are no official guidelines about this from @khaleelkazi but I would do the same thing even if I weren't an official @steem.leo curator.

Everyone is free to make their choices...and these are mine.

What's yours? Are you perhaps heavily invested in a Tribe and want it to thrive one day? What do you do about it?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Hm...wasn't that short after all...Cheers!

PS. These are my thoughts and my thoughts only. Every @steem.leo curator has their own standards.