Making My Money Work For Me!

8 months ago
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For nearly 2-1/2 years I have watched Steemit (Steem) grow from a small blogging site into a huge network of crypto connoisseurs and brilliant blockchain enthusiasts to make it one of the most progressive cryptocurrency/blockchains in the space. This hasn't always been the case though, Steemit has had its own troubles meeting deadlines and not being team players.

Eventually, some people were so fed up when couldn't deliver SMT's (Smart Media Tokens) in a timely fashion, that they (people from the steemian community) stepped up and created @steem-engine (by themselves) to give us a "soft SMT" if you will. This made it possible for anyone to create a coin that would ride on the Steem network, creating endless opportunity, thus ultimately making Steem incredibly more valuable. So much innovation, but still no price change. Many different tribes and people created tokens, thus revolutionizing Steem into something new and improved. Now we had some real options and opportunities to diversify all within the Steem network.


Jump forward to the present day. There are many different front-ends now, pretty much every community or tribe has their own website and/or token riding on the Steem network. Some of these coins are shitcoins, but some of them may just end up being a great investment. Plus there are now DEX's (Decentralized Exchanges) like @SteemLeo and @steem-engine that make trading Steem SMT's (Smart Media Token) fast and easy. And since I have been saving every last Steem token I have ever made on this platform, I have decided to diversify my Steem (SMT) portfolio to not only collecting and powering up tokens I like but also diversifying with Miners & Mega Miners.

After some research and thought I decided to go with the Leo Mega Miners and Weed Cash Miners & Mega miners. I have only had these miners for a short period of time but they are already starting to pay off, especially the Weed Cash miners! I haven't done the calculations yet to see when they will pay themselves off or when I will actually be making a profit but I really don't care because I am considering them a longterm investment.


To me it seems like the right idea, buying miners and mega miners because then my money is working for me. It is not just collecting interest like my staked tokens, I am receiving extra tokens for having miners and mega miners. In case you didn't know, a Mega Miner is the same as four Miners.

I personally really like the Steem Leo and Weed Cash projects. I feel like they are solid projects that have a lot of room to grow and the coins/tokens are actually worth a fair amount so that is why I decided to buy Miners and Mega Miners for those projects. I think Leo is the stronger of the these two projects but as a hippie I always have to support Cannabis-related projects, plus those stoners are really fuckin creative so don't underestimate them! :0) LoL


I am also earning extra passive income by delegating my Neoxian and Leo tokens to SPinvest. I don't use those accounts enough to make my upvotes pay off so I delegate them and receive extra tokens for the delegation and some upvotes. It's not much but every little bit counts and when you are trying to acquire as much as possible.

Anyhow, if you find a project you like or believe in then show them support by staking their tokens or buying their miners and mega miners. Spread around your wealth. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Who knows which one of these tokens might moon on the next bull run. With these low prices now is the time to acquire and collect as many tokens as possible my friends. If you have never experienced a bull run then trust me when I tell you that you can't have too many tokens in your wallet!

Take care my friends and remember: this is not investment advice! Do your own research :)

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