So Hive it is then!

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No more Steem, but Hive

As of Friday, Hive is the future of this blockchain. I must admit I was very wary when I first heard of the possible forks of Steem, and the plan to isolate the stake out. But right now, when I see how professional and well structured this all has been done, I am very positive. The chain will split in two on Friday, and we will still have our Steem Power on Steem, but we will have the same amount of Hive Power on Hive. From then on, Steem and Hive go seperate ways. Steemit.Inc and its supporters will not participate in the airdrop.

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Exchanges and Dapps

The most important question now is, which Dapps will follow and move to Hive, and which will stay on Steem. I am curious about Appics, Splinterlands, Dtube, Dlike, etc... But that will all become clear very soon.
One exchange is already a certainty, that is Ionomy. So that is very good news, from the beginning it will be possible to exchange from and to BTC. That is a part that can't be overlooked, liquidity is necessary.

The future is bright for Hive!



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Hopefully there will be a mass move to Hive. The Dapps that stick with Steemit won't matter one Steem to Justin Sun. He'll take his money and run after he's run it into the ground.

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I think it could become huge!